According to WIRED’s Adrienne So, “Everyone wants to get in on the electric skateboarding game.” After riding Boosted Mini, she declares, “Boosted remains the gold standard.”

“It’s pure joy to ride,” she writes. “I found that I could get anywhere from five to seven miles on one battery charge, which perfectly suited my needs. I live within a mile of everywhere I need to go, and I could make one charge last for several hours while running errands, meeting a friend for lunch, and doing several wholly superfluous runs on smooth roads around the local high school.”

She does note that, “the short battery life means that a commute of any real distance is probably out of the question.” (For those folks we recommend the Boosted Mini X!). Based on the review, WIRED gives Boosted Mini S a “WIRED Recommends” seal of approval. We’re honored.