Leader of the Pack: A Look Inside What Makes Boosted Best-In-Class

At Boosted, we created our family of industry-leading electric boards to be fast, fun, and simple. At the center of everything we do is our rider community, and we take everything you tell us seriously! From the decks, to the wheels, to the powertrain, and remote control, here’s what makes Boosted the best ride out there.

How It Started

Boosted has been making high-performance, lightweight, portable electric vehicles for seven years, and it all came from our aspiration to make cities and suburbs feel smaller, campuses feel more accessible, and commutes more enjoyable.

Flash forward to today: With the help of our family of electric boards, our Boosted riders have covered tens of millions of miles in over 34 countries around the world, and we’re just getting started!

Our Board Family

The renegade ride(s).

Boosted Mini S and Boosted Mini X were built to be ultra-maneuverable and ultra-responsive. Designed with a shorter wheelbase and a kicktail that allows for sharp 90 degree turns, Boosted Mini gives riders the ability to turn on a dime. And, at 8” shorter than our longboards, their size means they’re super portable, so you can take them anywhere. With a standard battery pack perfect for travel (the only TSA-approved board in our fleet!), Boosted Mini S takes you up to 7 miles, while Boosted Mini X includes an extended range battery that goes (and goes) up to 14 miles.

The smoothest ride.

Boosted Plus is ultra-flexible and ultra-damped—perfect for long, S-shape carving and longer commutes. Expect a refined ride thanks to our advanced, proprietary composite decks inspired by high-tech snowboard technology.

The performance ride.

Boosted Stealth reaches 24 mph and has lightning-fast acceleration. Engineered from the ground up to withstand the rigors of daily riding, Boosted Stealth is truly vehicle-grade. This model is the only one in the lineup to feature a 5th Ride Mode with yet another level of superior acceleration and braking capabilities, giving you an advantage in traffic.

Decks Built From Start to Finish

All Boosted decks are the result of listening to detailed feedback from our rider community, countless hours of iterating on your feedback, and the desire to bring a unique experience focused on ride-feel and durability.  

What To Expect: Our Shortboard Decks

  • Boosted Mini’s Deep Dish deck takes its inspiration from the shortboard designs that stormed the world during 80s.
  • The poplar wood core is durable, absorbs shock, provides pop, and gives the board a lightweight, yet strong structure.
  • Polymer sidewalls offer increased impact resistance and resilience.  
  • A contoured shape helps you feel locked in and gives you an indication of  where your feet are—so you can concentrate on the road.

What To Expect: Our Longboard Decks

  • Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth SuperFlex Decks feature  a hybrid core modeled after advanced ski and snowboard construction.
  • A poplar spine gives the board its snappiness, responsiveness, and torsional stiffness.
  • The core is surrounded by high-performance foam which keeps it lighter and makes the ride smoother.
  • Fiberglass reinforcements in the tip and tail add strength to those areas and protect against wear and tear.

Wheels That Pass The Test

The unique speed and distance of electric skateboarding demands a uniquely designed wheel to hold carves at high speed while taking out the bumps of real-world conditions. The evolution of our wheels all started with rigorous testing. We spent hours experimenting with wheels and cores of all different materials, sizes, and geometries to land the perfect complement to our custom Boosted decks.

Boosted wheels boast a balanced profile.

For the rider, that means:

  • A softer outside which helps with dampening as well shock absorption over bumps and uneven terrain.
  • The perfect amount of firmness for controlled turning.
  • An overall ride that’s secure and predictable.
  • A core that gives the wheel a stable ride-feel.
  • Longer wear to reflect the high distances traveled.

With wheels, size matters.

With Boosted Stealth and Boosted Plus we increased the wheel diameter from 80mm to 85mm, which makes it easier to navigate potholes, bumps, and uneven pavement while accommodating higher speeds.  

Boosted Mini comes with 80mm wheels— on a smaller board, smaller wheels are the norm. And, with original, proprietary design comes the ability to make adjustments and modifications as we continue to learn from our riders.

Trucks Focused On Strength

What makes our trucks strong? First and foremost they’re forged not cast—a process in which the material is never liquid. During the forging process, we start with a solid, heat it up and then pound it into the desired shape. This ultimately results in a stronger final product and also gives us the flexibility to use aircraft grade alloy.  And, because we have more control over what we’re making, we can add more material in key areas to strengthen the trucks where they typically see the most strain.

Unmatched Electric Powertrains

The hallmark of any Boosted board? Exhilarating acceleration and confidence-inspiring electric braking driven by our proprietary Boosted technology.

The Battery Pack

Boosted battery packs were built with the most advanced cells, and designed to maximize currents going both in and out on the pack. Additionally, we built in layers of mechanical and electrical durability, and a sophisticated battery management system that maximizes the ability of the battery to perform with our proprietary powertrain.

The Remote Control & Throttle Wheel

Expect instant, reliable control from our ergonomic, hand-held remote. Our remote gives riders simple, intuitive control of the board’s power with just the tip of their thumb. How? Our Boosted Throttle Wheel which sits at a firm centerpoint and has symmetrical resistance in both directions, which increases toward either end of the spectrum.

The Firmware

All of the structural features of our remote are supported by industry-leading firmware. Bluetooth modules sift through any and all surrounding “noise” from other devices and produce a strong signal to maintain connection with the board. That means, you’re never at risk of experiencing a connection failure. Ride with confidence.

Fast, Fun, Simple Transportation

Boosted is on a mission to make transportation better for everyone. Curious? Come join the ride.