Meet Mike Will, one of the guys behind the uber-creative group, UK Shooters. Born in Brighton, living in London he shares a little bit about his day, his favorite rides and how his Boosted board has changed how he gets around.

Where do you live? Where are you from? Tell us what you love most about your community. 

I was born in Brighton but have lived in Glasgow, Adelaide, Cardiff and London! For me being part of the UK creative community is something I am super lucky to be involved with through @uk.shooters. We host events for all like-minded creatives to not only create content but to meet others with similar interests.

What’s your favorite thing about your Boosted board? (Which one do you ride?) What did you use or ride before your Boosted board and how has your day changed? 

Cruising to a meeting or to work in a coffee shop, there’s no better feeling then having a ride to clear your mind for the day! I ride a Boosted Stealth and the rest of the @uk.shooters team ride Mini X. I used to drive in my car a lot so I’m happy to be out of my car and on my Boosted board instead. 

What was the most annoying thing about getting around town before you had your Boosted board? 

 Traffic and parking!

Describe your favorite ride and what you see along the way? 

Cruising along Brighton beach, watching the crashing waves and hearing seagulls, it’s just somewhere special for me.

What type of camera did you use to capture this content?

I shoot on a Sony a7riii for all of my content, along with the 16-35mm 2.8 GM or 24-70mm 2.8 GM!

What are you listening to now? Spotify Top 10?

Drum & Bass, EDM, and House music is constantly playing at home or while i’m on the move. Friction, Dimension, Sub Focus, Fisher, Armin van Buuren. For a bit more of a chilled out vibe I’ll throw on Brasstracks or Flume to chill a bit more.

Who are some of your favorite videographers and photographers?

Some of my favorite inspirational creatives are @jonny_fpv @gareth.haymen @andrewoptics @demas and obviously the @uk.shooters team @watchluke, @keenanlam and @cyrusnezami.

What are your daily routines/habits, how do they keep you motivated or on track? 

I have always had a high drive to succeed and achieve my dreams, so I’m lucky to have this kind of mentality. I’ve been a pro athlete for 10 years and I really feel like having that as the backbone of my identity has set me up well for my future as a creative. 

Are you a procrastinator or a time cop? 

A combination of both!