So we went to Los Angeles for a little one on one time with some of our favorite friends, Edgar Barradas and Katie Chan down in SoCal. We shot some things, rode through the City of Angels, and generally vibed out in the unseasonably balmy weather. Oh! And we asked them some questions. Here are their stories.

Where do you live? Where are you from? Tell us what you love most about your community. 

Edgar: I currently live in Monterey Park CA. I’m Originally from Veracruz, Mexico.
Our community is amazing, super relaxed and chill, we’re a family, it doesn’t matter what board or brand you ride, we are one as a whole! 

Katie: Originally from Chicago but currently living in LA. I love LA for its diversity, nature, and food options. There is never a dull moment in the City of Angels. Plus, I can ride my Boosted all year round.

What’s your favorite thing about your Boosted board? (Which one do you ride?) What did you use or ride before your Boosted board and how has your day changed?

Edgar: My favorite thing is the flex of the board and the controller, and “la creme de la creme”, the Stealth!
I used to ride a regular Primitive board to go around. Once I bought a V1 back in the day I never went back, it helped me so much! It set me free from bus schedules etc. I could go run errands in a pinch!

Katie: When I first moved to LA, I wanted to see all of the hotspots but you either had to drive or walk around, which can both be very time consuming activities. With the Boosted board, I was able to avoid traffic, visit multiple places within a day and not have to worry about parking my car.

What was the most annoying thing about getting around town before you had your Boosted board?

Edgar: Being a slave to buses and trains schedules hoping they come in time.

What are your favorite places to visit on your board near where you live?

Edgar: There’s a super cool set of hills at the Corner of Graves Ave. and S. Lincoln avenue they are super steep and high and also like Sequoia Park here in Monterey Park, incredible hills and great views of the city from both places. 

Katie: My neighborhood has a lot of hills and amazing vantage points of DTLA so I love cruising around there. 

Describe your favorite ride and what you see along the way?
Edgar: I’m sipping on some Boba I picked up in Little Tokyo, moving north through downtown LA along our city hall, I’m riding under the iconic Twin Dragon Gateway Entrance of Chinatown and get a glimpse of cool Chinese architecture, colors and music before I get to Elysian Park, a place full of families having fun and picnics under the trees. At the top of it I stop to get an incredible view of Cypress and Glassell Park and move on up towards Elysian Fields and this is where the most fun begins! The descent starts here! You’re greeted with rows of palm trees to your left and right, as you reach the end of them you can look down to the left at Dodgers Stadium, one hundred  feet ahead the sharpest turn awaits, this is Angel’s Point, one of the best places to see a sunset and the Downtown LA skyline , as I’m making the turn time slows down, my adrenaline levels are at max, my body, eyes, senses and my board are all in one, this is heaven, a downhill with not a single straight line, pavement is nice and even, what else could I ask for? It goes by quickly! But it’s all well worth it! Last but not least I take it easy riding through another small park before I hit the usual coffee shop to recharge and maybe and just maybe… do it all over again. 

Katie: My favorite ride is split between Elysian Park and Santa Monica/Venice. Both offer such unique views of LA: one where you can see Dodger Stadium, DTLA and the whole surrounding area and the other where you can see the beach, mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 

What are you listening to now? Spotify Top 10?
Edgar: Currently listening to these albums in no specific order:

Billie Eilish – When we Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?
Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising
Tool – Fear Inoculum
Lana del Rey – Norman F***ing Rockwell
Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct
Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man
Rammstein – Untitled/Rammstein
Ghost – Prequelle
Bokassa – Crimson Riders
Zoe – Aztlan

Katie: A lot of Gryffin, Luav and Loote at the moment. 

What are reading now, website, favorite places to visit on the internet?

Edgar: The last three books I read were: 

Permanent Record by Edward Snowden
The Institute by Stephen King
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

My favorite websites are:
Youtube everyday, Audible and Netflix from time to time.

Who are some of your favorite videographers and photographers?
Edgar: I really don’t have any favorite videographers at the moment. As for photographers, Joe McNally was a huge inspiration when I started learning about photography. I also admire my brother, Marcos (@visibledudephotography), for switching back and having a passion for real 35mm film. Last but not least my friend, Feroz Quazi (@kidindia), a super motivated bro with tremendous energy and vibes!

What are your daily routines/habits, how do they keep you motivated or on track?

Edgar: Mondays are for music, a huge motivator after a cup of coffee
Tuesdays for podcasts, huge amounts of motivation and food for thought
Wednesdays and Thursdays for Audio Books, they have changed my life
Fridays for whatever, it’s good to let loose!
Saturdays are for work if possible because then I can exchange them for other weekdays for extra travel days!
Sundays are to be lazy all day, the body has to refuel at some point!

Are you a procrastinator or a time cop?

Edgar: Absolutely the former.