Meet Andrew, Kane, and Paul from Bay Shooters. They’re a team of content creators that make super immersive and engaging content. We recently partnered with them for a video featuring our latest vehicle, Boosted Rev. 

Check out the video and then take a few minutes and read our Q+A with the crew. 

Where do you live? Where are you from? Tell us what you love most about your community. 

Andrew: I currently live in Walnut Creek, CA. I’m originally from Chicago, went to school down in Orange, CA, and moved up here a little over three years ago. I love the photography community here in the Bay because everyone is so genuine, friendly, and supportive. 

Kane: I live in Oakland, CA but I was raised in Seattle, WA. I moved to Oakland because of its culture and liveliness. There isn’t a place like Oakland. The people here are so electric and it’s filled with motivated, inspired and artistic people. I’ve had the time of my life living here. 

Paul: I live in Fremont, California and I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. I love how creative and tight-knit the community is here in the Bay Area. Everyone wants to support each other and see us accomplish our goals and be happy.

Collin: I live in Pleasanton, CA and I grew up here as well. I love being in the Bay Area and having friends spread across the area. It makes the entire Bay feel like home. There is a huge community of creatives here and everyone is always so fun and loving it’s almost always guaranteed you will have a good time!

David: I live in Dublin/Pleasanton area. I am from San Diego, CA then moved to Mexico where I basically grew up. Then when I turned 21 I moved back to the US to continue with my education and career goals. The community in the bay area is one of a kind. All these people are super friendly. I love how I was able to make friends here regardless of me being shy and an introvert.

What’s your favorite thing about your Boosted board? (Which one do you ride?) What did you use or ride before your Boosted board and how has your day changed? 

Andrew: My favorite thing about my Boosted boards (I have the Boosted Stealth and Boosted Mini S) are simply how much fun they are to ride. I find myself using them for fun as much as I do to get around. Before my Boosted Boards, I would drive around Walnut Creek, and get stuck paying for parking.

Kane: I ride the Boosted Rev. Before that I rode the scooters in the city but it was difficult at times to find one near me. Getting around is a lot easier now. I love the power it has to go up hills of San Francisco. 

Paul: My favorite thing about the Boosted Stealth is how insanely fun it is to ride! I have never had an electric board or scooter before, and I am really loving just grabbing my board and going for a ride after work or on the weekends.

Collin: I have a Boosted Mini X and Boosted Rev. My favorite thing about riding them is feeling the wind on my face as I’m cruising around town at top speeds. They are honestly the most fun way to get around and it makes commuting and doing things much more enjoyable. I have never owned an electric board/scooter before so all of this is completely new to me.

David: I ride the Stealth. I love how fast this thing goes (I love speed), but my favorite is how if I need to slow down I can just decrease the speed with the remote instead of having to put my foot on the ground like I used to do on my skateboard (I also do skateboarding). Having the Boosted Board has made things easier for me in terms of going places.

What was the most annoying thing about getting around town before you had your Boosted board? (Short answer, it’s parking!)

Andrew: The most annoying thing for me was looking and paying for parking. 

Kane: Parking is always difficult. I would always have to park far away and catch a Lyft at times. With Boosted Rev I’m not only saving money but I’m getting places much faster.  

Paul: The most annoying thing about getting around town before I had my board was trying to find parking for my car.

Collin: Driving my car around the crazy SF streets always felt chaotic. I’m really stoked I no longer have to deal with that stress. And I don’t have to worry about parking anymore!

David: I guess for me it has to be walking haha! I’ve always used my skateboard as transportation and in the city’s steep hills this was not favorable. With the boosted now I can just go full speed up and down! Plus the big wheels can go through almost everything!

What are your favorite places to visit on your board near where you live?

Andrew: I love visiting Mount Diablo and cruising up and down the golden hills up there. 

Kane: I love visiting downtown Oakland. It’s close to my house and I don’t have to deal with traffic. 

Paul: My favorite place to visit on my board near where I live is my local coffee shop!

Collin: I like to cruise downtown and get coffee/work then cruise around town before heading home.

David: I live close to Collin ^^, so we like to just cruise around the neighborhood. There are some cool down the hill roads.

Describe your favorite ride and what you saw along the way? 

Andrew: My favorite ride so far would have to be up at Twin Peaks during sunrise. Turning the corner you are greeted to the most incredible view of San Francisco. If I could do that ride every morning I would! 

Kane: For now it has to be Twin Peaks, but as soon as I get a chance I will be riding it over the Golden Gate Bridge and that will be my absolute favorite!

Collin: My favorite ride has definitely been just cruising around Walnut Creek with my friends who also have boards. You kind of feel like you are in a motorcycle gang because everyone’s heads turn and watch as we ride by at top speeds.

David: Definitely has to be somewhere along mountains! 

What type of camera did you use to capture this content?

Andrew: This video was filmed on the Canon 1-DX. Photos were taken on a variety of cameras including a Sony A7RIII, Canon 5D Mark iV, and Canon 6D.

Kane: We ended up using every single person from the Bay Shooters team to create this video. Each of us had specific jobs to capture specific content. That included DJI Mavic, Canon 1-DX, Mark 2 Sony A7RIII, Sony a7RII, Canon 5D Mark iV, and Canon 6D. 

David: Canon 6D and iPhone!

What’s your photo/video inspiration for this content?

Andrew: For this content, we wanted to create something that inspired others to get out and explore their city. We wanted it to fit well with our own brand as well, so of course we based it around a day out photographing the city. Having the Boosted Rev made it incredibly easy to get around the city and all we had to do was help showcase that. 

Kane: My biggest inspiration is Matt Komo and whenever I look at his work he inspires me to get out and capture the beauty of the world by having beautiful cinematography and storytelling. That was our intention here by also incorporating the use of our Boosted Rev and showing how easy it was for us to get around in our Boosted Rev. Essentially we want people to get out there and shoot! 

What are you listening to now? Spotify Top 10?

Andrew: A lot of Logic, G-Eazy, EDM as well as Lo-Fi Hip Hop music.

Kane: Mac Miller, G-Eazy, Kane Brown, Bad Bunny and JBalvin. 

Paul: Illenium, Porter Robinson, Seven Lions, and SLANDER are in my heavy rotation currently.

Collin: Kygo, Illenium, Chainsmokers, M83, and ODESZA

David: Pop Remix!

What are reading now, website, favorite places to visit on the internet? 

Andrew: I’m embarrassed to say that I actually haven’t read a book in a while. I’m not one to browse the internet either. In the limited free time I have, I prefer to sit down and watch a good show.

Kane: If and when I do read something it’s photography or editing related. I graduated from college in May so I plan to take a little break from reading this year!

Paul: I love to check out what is on Reddit, ESPN, Electrek. There is always something that will grab my attention.

Collin: The thing I read the most is the Morning Brew. It gives me up to date information on everything financial and whats happening in the markets. Other than that, I love to read documentary books on expeditions and traveling.

David: Currently reading my school textbooks haha! My favorite site has to be Youtube.

What are your daily routines/habits, how do they keep you motivated or on track? 

Andrew: I think a lot of my routine is centered around going to the gym each morning. Once I get a good workout in, I’m able to focus so much better on the rest of the day. Health and fitness definitely keep everything else on track for me.

Kane: I work out every morning at 6am. This routine was incredibly difficult to grasp but after months of perseverance, I was finally able to do it. My biggest motivators are my best friends. Each of them holds values that I admire which helps me keep on track with my goals. 

Paul: I work a lot of hours, and it gets to be very challenging to make sure I am keeping my health in check due to fatigue. I bring my own lunch to work every day, and I play basketball a few times a week after work if I am able to get off at a decent time. Although it might not seem like much, I feel that pushing through the feeling of being tired or short on time to make sure I am prioritizing myself and my health will have a big impact on me in the future.

Collin: I wake up early, around 4:30-5am everyday. This gives me some time to enjoy the morning before my commute. It’s also very important that I work out 4-5 times a week to maintain energy and feel healthy. These small little things really help keep me consistent and alert on a daily basis.

David: My routine is pretty simple, get up, go to work, do homework, go to the gym, edit photos, occasionally hangout and watch a movie. I sometimes like to go to the skate park or go rock climbing. Doing all these activities keeps me motivated.

Are you a procrastinator or a time cop? 

Andrew: I tend to be a procrastinator, but I’m trying to get better about that 🙂

Kane: I was in the military so I’m a time cop. 

Paul: If there is something that I really feel inspired or compelled to do or get done, I am a time cop. Otherwise, I don’t really have that drive to pursue whatever the task is.

Collin: Procrastinator without a doubt. I try and avoid work at all costs. Trying to improve this bad habit.

David: I am guilty of sometimes being a procrastinator. Depends what the task is I guess haha.

Anything else?

Kane: I would like to say a big thank you to Boosted and the Bay Shooters team. We captured beautiful content that we are incredibly excited to share with everyone!

David: Look mom, I made it to the internet!