Meet Alex from Chi Shooters. Alex and Chi Shooters are a team of content creators based in the Chicagoland area. We recently partnered with them for a video featuring our latest vehicle, Boosted Rev. 

Check out the video and then take a few minutes and read our Q+A with Alex… 


Where do you live? Where are you from? Tell us what you love most about your community. 

I live in Chicago, Illinois. The best thing about the “Shooters” community in Chicago is that our audience is very passionate about their work. Also, everyone is incredibly supportive of one another when it comes to collaborating or networking at our events! Globally, we are one city of many that shares that same vibe and it’s amazing to be a part of a community that is so strong.


What’s your favorite thing about your Boosted board? (Which one do you ride?) What did you use or ride before your Boosted board and how has your day changed? 

I ride one of three Boosted vehicles – Boosted Rev, Boosted Plus and Boosted Mini X. These are all amazing rides. The speed and ease of use are two of my favorite things. That’s not to mention it’s so cool riding through downtown on them! 

What was the most annoying thing about getting around town before you had your Boosted board? 

Crowded trains and riding slow commuter bikes.


What are your favorite places to visit on your board near where you live?

North Ave Beach, Adler Planetarium and Millenium Park


Describe your favorite ride and what you see along the way? 

I like riding down Lasalle Street from Lincoln Park passing the Zoo and parks. Heading right into downtown through River North ending at the famous Board of Trade building is also great.


What type of camera did you use to capture this content?

Canon 1dx Mark II, DJI Mavic Zoom

What are you listening to now? 

Wait for Me – Carnage 


What are your daily routines/habits, how do they keep you motivated or on track? 

Making bed every day! Small wins each day build up and set the tone for the day.


Are you a procrastinator or a time cop? 

It depends on the deadline, haha!