Meet our friend Eric Decker. Business owner, Atlanta resident, content creator, and Boosted evangelist. He recently road across the state of California on his Boosted board, lived to tell the story, posted it on YouTube and caught our attention. And from there, the rest is history. We were lucky enough to catch him for a quick chat, to pick his brain about his obsession with electric vehicles, and ask him what the hell compelled him to take that crazy ride. 

Have you always been an electric vehicle enthusiast (or evangelist)? 

“Since I can remember, I haven’t been able to keep my hands off anything with wheels. I’m blessed (and cursed) with an insatiable thirst for a faster, smoother, more aggressive ride, and that lifetime search has lead my straight to Boosted.”

You’re a business owner and content creator—quite the entrepreneur! How’d you get your start? 

“When I was 18, I started a business called Spark Weddings. Initially my goal wasn’t to make money, it was to learn the ropes of starting a business. I had come to the realization that I wasn’t going to learn that in school, so I made a deal with myself that I would drop out of school if the business ever surpassed six figures—which only took about 12 months! At 19, I was a college dropout. Now Spark employs 4 people and serves 20 cities across the country. It has taught me lessons and brought me places I never could have dreamed of, and has allowed me enormous freedom to pursue what I’m truly passionate about—content creation.”

The moment I found out that Boosted existed is a vivid memory for me because I knew in that moment that a) everything had changed and b) I needed one ASAP.

How did you get into Boosted boards and lightweight electric vehicles in general. 

“Since I can remember, I’ve always had some kind of board under my feet—it just wasn’t electric. The moment I found out that Boosted existed is a vivid memory for me because I knew in that moment that a) everything had changed and b) I needed one ASAP. I was right. I don’t own a car anymore because my Boosted Stealth gets me everywhere I need to go faster than a car or public transport. “

What does a typical day look like for you? 

“On any given day, you can find me running around Atlanta on my Boosted board, taking phone calls, dodging in and out of meetings and coffee shops, or hard at work on an edit.I’ve always described myself as ‘dangerously motivated’ and am a ‘don’t talk about it, just do it’ type of person to my core.”

Ok, let’s get to the real story here. What was the inspiration behind your ride across California?

“As a lifetime all-things-with-wheels addict, I remember the moment I found out Boosted existed. I was fascinated by the idea of a ride with no need for kick-pushing or kamikaze-style bails. Boosted had created every board enthusiasts dream, and my immediate thought was, “How far can I push that?” Being a large enough state, and one I’d been dying to visit, I chose California.”

How did you accomplish this logistically? How were you charging and riding and keeping your momentum in a way that prevented you from losing steam along the way? 

“To survive the trip, I brought along a $30 power inverter that charges from your cigarette lighter. It’s nothing fancy. I also borrowed a friend’s XR battery for a total of two batteries. 

Here’s how it worked on the road: 

  1. With one fully charged battery in my board and ride mode set to beginner, I would ride for about 1.5 hours or 13-15 miles.
  2. Meanwhile, my cousin, Jack, would charge the second battery in the car or at a coffee shop and then drive to intercept me at an agreed upon way station. 
  3. Charge, ride, repeat. 

But …  then we hit the mountains. There, range was cut to as little as three miles (20 minutes) and we would have to wait in the car for an hour in between charges. At one point, it took us eight hours to go 30 miles. In retrospect, we could have used a few more batteries and a few more chargers.”

What was the hardest part about the ride? What was the most challenging part? 

“The most challenging part of the trip was the exhaustion. In addition to lack of sleep, the grueling heat, and dangerous roadways, the battery charging remained a constant point of stress throughout the trip.”

In retrospect, we could have used a few more batteries and a few more chargers.”

Did you ever want to quit and give up? 

“Yes. Especially during the last 30 miles which took an entire day to cover. Regardless, we knew we hadn’t come all this way just to quit.”

Where else do you want to ride now?

“After the ride, I literally didn’t touch my board for 2 weeks. I was so sick of riding anything.

Now that it’s been a while, the cravings are back and I’m ready for the next adventure. Maybe I’ll ride Boosted across an entire country. That’s the goal. Maybe with a few more batteries this time. Stay tuned …”

What was the best part of your trip? 

“The best part of the trip was the downhill section of Echo Summit heading into Lake Tahoe. After an incredibly difficult ascent, I got to ride it all the way down, and it was insane.  It was also golden hour, and although we had documented the entire trip, I shut the cameras off for this part to take it all in. Fun fact: When I was at the top of Echo Summit, my battery was at 15%. By the time I got to the bottom, the battery had regeneratively charged back to 100% so we were able to skip a charge and ride all the way to the finish line.”

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