Challenge accepted. Over two thousand of you submitted tricks you wanted to see Andy land and land them Andy did. Thank you to everyone for participating. 

Do What You Want. Be You.

Name: Chet 

Grand Prize: An AndyMac signed board

“Who cares what other people think is cool. Who cares if the Benihana has a bad rap in the history of skateboarding. As someone who’s been skating for almost 20 years, I know Andy Mac never let others influence his decisions. He’ll pull a Benihana without thinking twice. Since Andy and Boosted have always been focused on progression, they naturally complement each other. Together, the future is bright, and the Benihana lives on! Can you Benihana the Boosted Mini?”

A Weird, But Cool One

Name: Ben

Second Place – $200 Gift Card

“I’d like to see AndyMac pull off a 180 no comply. I’ve seen lots of videos of this trick on a normal skateboard, but I don’t think I could ever do one on a heavy electric skateboard. I’d like to see if AndyMac could do it with the Boosted Board. He’s an amazing skater and is just so impressive. Additionally he’s already been doing riding the Boosted Board and attempting tricks for some time now so I don’t think this would be too big of a challenge for him.”

The Japanese Steak House We All Know & Love

Name: Marcello

Third Place – $100 Gift Card

“The Andy Mac silhouette in the Benihana pose is iconic! For me that silhouette was as iconic as the Jordan logo. I loved seeing Andy pull that trick in contests. Over the last few years the Benihana has been unnecessarily hated on—it looks amazing! I would love to see Andy pull out the frontside Benihana just for old times’ sake. Kasai and Hosoi could never make the Benihana look as good as Andy Mac did (does).”

And, a few more for good measure…




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