Thank you to everyone who has reserved a 2nd generation Boosted board. We‘ve been thrilled by the overwhelming enthusiasm and support we have received since launching our reservation campaign. We’re excited to let you know that production is underway and our first units will be delivered to reservations placed by riders in our beta program next week.

As we ramp production into August, we will begin fulfilling Dual+ reservations, followed by Dual soon after. We will start with riders in the US and Canada, followed by international riders. Our engineering team is currently focused on maximizing production capacity to support the incredible demand. This capacity will determine the exact shipping schedule. You will receive an email to confirm your shipping address and complete your reservation a few weeks prior to when your board is ready to ship.

Extended Range Battery

Riding on our extended battery has been incredible, doubling the range of the board and opening up amazing new places to ride. Best of all, it’s only slightly larger than the standard range pack.

Check out the 12+ mile ride on an extended range Boosted board

Acceleration and braking performance, along with reliability, are all at the strict standards Boosted is known for. However, we feel it is necessary to invest further engineering time in additional safety features to match the exceptional safety performance of our standard battery. This means shipment of our extended battery will be postponed. This is a difficult decision, but the right one to make.

We want you riding as soon as possible, so we have also decided that all extended range Dual+ and Dual reservations will be fulfilled with standard range battery starting in August, along with the extended range battery when they begin production in early 2017, at no additional cost. After you install your extended range battery, you can keep your standard battery as a spare, carry and swap it on longer rides, or use it for airline travel.

“Ultimately it means that you’ll receive a free standard range battery and it will give you the chance to get out and ride as soon as possible.”


The bottom view of the extended range 2nd generation Boosted board after the 12+ mile ride.


In addition, all standard range Dual+ and Dual reservations will be able to take advantage of this offer. You will have the option to add the extended range battery to your reservation for $100 (a $399 value) when we send your shipment confirmation email a few weeks before your board ships.

Single Board Update

With demand so much higher than expected, our engineering team is working overtime to scale our production system. As a result, the 2nd generation Single has been delayed until early 2017. Since our extended battery will be available then, these boards will not be eligible for the battery offer above. We understand that our Single reservation customers will be disappointed by the delay, and we’re sorry. If you’d like more information or to change your reservation to a Dual+ or Dual model you may do so at any time by emailing

Extended One Year Warranty For Reservations

We know many of our riders were looking forward to riding earlier this summer, so we decided to make sure that you’ll spend next summer riding with one less worry. All reserved boards will now be covered by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects instead of our standard six-month warranty.

Referral Program Ends 7/21

As of Thursday, 7/21 at midnight PT, we will end the referral program but will continue reservations for both extended range and standard range options. Dual+ and Dual pre-orders will still be eligible for the battery offer above.boosted-board-extended-range-side-view1

The side view of the extended range 2nd generation Boosted board. 



All reservation customers will have the following options for deliveries starting shortly:


  • Standard range pack and one-year warranty for $1,499
  • Standard range pack, an extended range battery in early 2017 and one-year warranty for $1,599.


  • Standard range and one-year warranty for $1,299.
  • Standard range pack, an extended range battery in early 2017 and one-year warranty for $1,399.

We are thrilled to be getting your boards to you shortly, along with a longer warranty. Our entire team has been working hard to make the 2nd generation board an incredibly fun riding experience as well as a reliable and trustworthy vehicle.

We have so many exciting features to share about the 2nd generation boards that we haven’t mentioned yet, so there will be more news coming soon. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks for your continued support.