Cruising through your town on a Boosted electric skateboard or scooter is the optimal way to fall in love (again) with your hometown. With unbeatable range, unlock the freedom to see your town through a new lens. We may be biased, but there’s something about a streetside point of view that really gets our dual motors going. Here’s a guide to some of Boosted’s favorite San Francisco haunts to inspire you to get out and unlock your city.

The Hood: Outer Sunset

Head to the outer reaches of the city and explore what this charming, fogged in part of the city has to offer.

    1. Hook Fish Co: If you’ve ever wondered where the fish you’re eating came from, look no further. Transparent, thoughtfully sourced fish and seafood that empowers local fisherman.
    2. Outerlands: Enjoy farm-to-table cuisine in a minimal yet rustic setting tucked deep in the Outer Sunset. Definitely worth the wait.
    3. Avenues: A fusion of two loves: surfing and design. Expect delicious coffee, surfboards and custom apparel, and cuisine that nods to Korean, Japanese, and Hawaiian flavors.
    4. Ocean Beach: The massive beach break is great for surfing, but fall is the best time of the year if you want perfect waves.
    5. The Hood: NOPA

      North of the Panhandle for those not in-the-know. Now you know.

    6. The Mill: The Mill’s (potentially unwanted) claim to fame is exorbitantly expensive… toast. But honestly, it’s worth the investment and here’s why: the beauty is in the simplicity.
    7. The Page: The antidote to the Mill. If you’re looking for good, cheap drinks, pool tables, and carpeted floors, this bar is for you. One of the few institutional dive bars left in the city, they also have Pliny the Elder on draft which is a hard-to-find treat.
    8. The Hood: North Beach

      Known for its pizza, pasta and cappuccinos, but that’s just on the surface. Home of the Beat Poets with a history of seedy night time happenings, there’s a little something for everyone in this isolated northern district.

    9. City Lights Bookstore: A true literary landmark. Founded in 1953 by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin, people come from all over the world to peruse the stacks here. Grab a good book and from there head to Mario’s.
    10. Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store: If you want to rub elbows with real neighborhood folks (like the kind who have been around for generations) this place is for you. Sit at the bar and indulge in one of their unforgettable panini sandwiches (no, really, they’ll haunt your dreams). And take your time, too. This place is meant to be savored.
    11. The Hood: Mission

      One of the most historic, culturally saturated neighborhoods in the city. Don’t be fooled by the tech workers and urban professionals, there’s a lot more to discover here.

    12. Scarlet Sage Herb Co: Founded by two women herbalists, Scarlet Sage has everything you need to cure the ills of stressful city live.
    13. Mission Murals: Take a stroll through this outdoor art gallery chock full of inspiring, colorful murals ranging from pieces that speak to cultural heritage to social and political statements.
    14. Taqueria El Farolito: You can’t go to the Mission and not eat a burrito. There’s always a line out the door here, but this no-frills fan favorite is fail safe. And open late night.
    15. Zeitgeist. You know it’s a good bar if it’s cash only. This is one of the few bars in San Francisco with a huge outdoor patio, so on a nice day, it’s packed. But then again, on a foggy day, this place is packed, too. If you like craft beer, metal music, greasy food, and rude bartenders, run don’t walk.
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