See Your City: A Week in New York with Bobby Dunn

When asked where his favorite place in the world to ride is, Bobby Dunn answers quickly: New York City. And, he would know. Bobby (or Boosted Bobby as he’s known to long-time Boosted fans) travels all over the world spreading the Boosted love. As far as we can tell, he’s ridden in more places around the globe than anyone. So you could say he’s an authority. If you have a few days, or even a few hours in NYC, here are a few of his favorite places to go—and they’re all Boosted-approved.


11:00am: Leave my apartment in the West Village and stop at the Elk on Charles Street to grab coffee and breakfast to go and take it to the West Side and watch the boats go by.
11:30am: Jump on my board and head across the Williamsburg Bridge to Domino Park to lay in the sun.
1:00pm: Head to Elsewhere to check out some DJs on their rooftop bar – great city views and even better vibes.
4:00pm: Ride back to Manhattan via the Williamsburg Bridge. I always stop at Partners Coffee in Williamsburg to grab an iced coffee for the ride.
5:00pm: Take the long route down Broadway and wind around until you end up in Battery Park. Catch the sunset, grab a cocktail, and enjoy oysters at Grand Banks.


See Your City: A Week in New York with Bobby Dunn

11:00am: Head out along the West Side and stop at the Frying Pan to grab brunch with friends. Order the fried chicken sandwich and copious amounts of fries.
3:00pm: Ride towards Central Park to do some laps, lay in the grass, and do some world-class people watching.
4:00pm: After soaking up the sun jump on my board and head out on an adventure to nowhere. The best thing about the board is that you can just get lost in the city and discover new places.


5:00pm: Summertime means Monday night movie night in Bryant Park. I like to meet up with friends at the Whole Foods across the street to grab food to enjoy during the movie.
7:30pm: After the movie, we wind our way down to Broadway and time the lights to see if we can make it downtown without stopping. If you time it just right. you’ll stay ahead of all the cars.


See Your City: A Week in New York with Bobby Dunn

12:00pm: Tuesday is a great day to grab lunch with my friend Jordan at Grey Dog on W 16th in the West Village. If you need a post-lunch caffeine boost, grab a coffee at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters on Irving Place and E 18th St. They’ve been roasting their beans for 20 years!
1:30pm: After coffee, we usually head to the East Side making our way to Roosevelt Island. The view of the city from Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park is not to be missed.
5:00pm: Take the tram back to Manhattan and ride back home to the West Village, but make sure to stop at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. There’s always a huge line but it goes fast. Grab a shake and a burger and sit under the lights. On a warm night it’s my favorite dinner spot in town with views of the Flatiron Building and more great people watching.



5:30pm: Wednesday means meetings and demo events, but I can usually meet up with my friends, and Boosted Ambassadors, Seth and Tom to find the best slice in NYC. This means five slices of pizza and many miles of riding.
6:00pm: First stop: Union Square Park. From there, we ride down through West Village so we can do laps around the UPS shipping building then to Prince Street Pizza. After that we shoot up to Pizza Suprema near Penn Station. We then take a breather and chill out in on the Highline to people watch and catch up. After the pizza settles, we ride to 99 Cents Pizza up on Broadway by Central Park for a super thin slice. Finally, if we are up for it, we head east to Williamsburg to Brooklyn’s Best Pizza. Don’t forget to bring cash, as most of these places are cash only (of course!).


See Your City: A Week in New York with Bobby Dunn

10:00am: If you have a free day, this is one of my favorite ways to spend it. Ride down Washington Street then cut over to the West Side Highway all the way down to the Staten Island Ferry. It is free and the views of the city are priceless.
1:00pm: Once you’re back in Manhattan, get lost in all the streets downtown by Wall Street. There are a ton of small roads it’s almost impossible to ride on every one.
10:00pm: After dark, I love to ride up to the Upper East Side because the streets are wide and empty. One of my favorite things to do is to stop at Grand Central because nobody’s there—which is rare. I like to stand in the middle of the room under the beautiful ceiling and imagine the hundreds of thousands of people who have passed through it over the years.


See Your City: A Week in New York with Bobby Dunn

It’s always fun to ride through NYC when the week is ending. There’s amazing energy everywhere. After a busy week, I love to roll up to Polo Bar wearing a suit with my Boosted Stealth. Yes, they’ll take your board and put it in coat check for you. I love the looks people give me, they’re pretty funny.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I get the board and the board gets me.

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