How To Ride Safely: Rules Of The Road

You Don’t Have the Right of Way

As electric skateboards become a legitimate new form of transportation we will begin to create new laws and guidelines to replace the outdated laws surrounding skating and motorized skateboards. For now though, in most places you don’t have the right of way in ANY situation. It is good to remember that, assuming you have the right of way can get you killed; a car will always win in a collision.

Don’t Ride on Sidewalks

Avoid riding on the sidewalks whenever possible. Not only is it a bumpier ride for you, but it is also a danger to pedestrians. If we are going to positively represent this new form of transportation, riding on sidewalks is the easiest way to attract negative attention.

Where to Ride?

We should strive to follow all the rules and guidelines that safe bicyclists use. Ride in the street with the flow of traffic or in bike lanes whenever available. Avoid pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, and anywhere else bikes are not allowed. Be sure to leave enough space between yourself and parked cars that a door opening doesn’t block your path.

You’re Faster Than They Think

Pedestrians, cars, and bikes will pull out in front of you with alarming regularity! People haven’t seen electric skateboard riders that often. They will assume you are walking or on an unpowered skateboard and expect you to be going much slower than you actually are. You need to take a defensive position and be ready to stop at a moments notice. This is a great reason why you should learn to footbrake for emergencies.

Be an Ambassador

Everyone is going to be watching you! Your behavior on the road could ultimately determine whether laws in your area are overturned in our favor, or enacted to limit any use of electric skateboards.

You represent all of us every time you step on your board. Every red light and stop sign you cruise through someone sees it. Every pedestrian you have a close call with may be calling their representative. If you are riding in a dangerous way, you might be the one that ruins it for all of us!

Instead, promote good riding habits. Stop at lights and stop signs. Give everyone the right of way over you, cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Use hand signals to signal traffic or bicyclists where you are turning or if you are changing lanes.

Fast, Fun, Simple Transportation

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