Boosted wheels are the most important interface between your board and the road, so they need to be designed to stand up to the unique and demanding conditions that Boosted riders face. That’s why we’ve taken control of our wheel manufacturing, using a proprietary urethane formula and a custom geometry that allow us to get the details right.


Not All Wheels Are Created Equal

Gravity and relatively low-force pushing are the primary sources of forward momentum in analog skateboarding. As such, conventional skateboard and longboard wheels are not designed for linear power delivery. Rather, they are optimized for lateral cornering forces and are much less efficient in delivering power forwards. Riding an electric skateboard, is fundamentally different than traditional downhill longboarding—driving power comes from the board itself, as opposed to the environment (ramps, hills, etc.). As such, Boosted wheels have been tuned to exhibit the grip and predictability of a cutting-edge longboard racing wheel and the driving capabilities of a motor sports vehicle.


Anatomy of a Wheel

Wheels can be thought of like a body: bones, meat, and skin. The core of the wheel is like the bones, which provide structure and support to the body. The urethane is the meat. And the outermost surface of the wheel, the portion of the urethane that meets the pavement, is like the skin.


The Bones

The bones of our wheels are a fiberglass-reinforced H-Core. This shape helps keep the deepest portion of the urethane at the center of the wheel, right above the bearings. The design allows for even wear characteristics for longer wheel life, and a cushy, yet supportive ride feel not attainable with other types of cores or hub motor wheels.


The Meat

Our proprietary urethane formula is of a high rebound variety. Under pressure, its distortion characteristics are engineered to return energy with a solid spring. More than anything, we designed our wheels to grip. This is what matters most in high-risk situations like cutting through urban gridlock or taking a tight turn at speed. The wheel’s outside lip is shaped so that it conforms to the road for ultimate grip. We want you to be able to dig in deep and never be surprised by a lack of traction.


The Skin

The skin of the wheel provides a good breakout threshold, meaning you’ll have to apply an inordinate amount of pressure before you can push them into a drift. Obviously all wheels are grippiest straight out of the box, and their ride feel does change over time. However, as you wear through the skin, the meat of the wheel will remain predictably high-traction. Any increase in the wheel’s drifting characteristics over time will be smooth and controllable.


Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Of course we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t absolutely obliterate these wheels in testing to be sure that they’ll stay strong under you. We tested toughness (the amount of energy a material can absorb before it fractures), wear characteristics (by running the wheel on an abrasive drum at a slight angle to assess the life of the skin), impact resistance (for core blowouts and delamination), and more.


We’re sure you’ll love the smooth, deep-carving ability that our new wheels bring to the Boosted system. Get rolling!