Offering a fresh perspective on an over-photographed place isn’t easy, but Resh Ryan loves a challenge. A Bay Area native and photographer of four years, Resh is drawn to image-making as a means to get out and explore. He works graveyard shifts so a normal social life is hard to maintain. “I’m a homebody,” he says. “I grew up playing music and all kinds of video games.” Through photography, Resh has formed a deep connection not just to his hometown, but to a global community of photographers and travel-hungry Instagram users who can’t get enough of the world as seen through his lens.

What began as a hobby has become something much greater—Resh now has over eighty thousand followers on his Instagram account (@Resh510), and he often partners with brands like Moët & Chandon and HypeBeast to craft their visual storytelling.

“I’ve had regular jobs my whole life,” he says. “My dream is the typical photographer’s dream: get paid to make pictures in cool places.”