Take the board out of the box. Be sure to read and remove all warning stickers.


The board ships with the battery half charged. To fully charge the board, only use a Boosted charger. The charger works off a 120 or 220 V outlet. Remove the plug on the battery outlet and insert the jack on the charger. The indicator light should turn to red to indicate the battery is charging. The light on the charger will turn green to indicate the battery is done charging. Full charging time from completely empty is under 90 minutes.

Charging Your Electric Skateboard

CAUTION: Be sure to cover the jack after charging to prevent the jack from being damaged while riding.

CAUTION: Failure to keep the battery charged while in storage could lead to permanent damage. The optimal storage charge is about 50%.

Plug the remote into a USB port or charger using the supplied mini-USB cable. The remote indicator light will be red when charging; it will turn green when it is fully charged. Full charging time from completely empty is about 4 hours. We recommend charging the remote each time you charge the board so you never run the batteries in your remote completely out.

Protective Equipment

WARNING: Always wear a helmet.

  • Your brain is important, so please wear a helmet.
    • Find a good helmet. Make sure it fits comfortably and will not slide off in an accident.
  • You should wear skateboarding shoes or a comfortable shoe with a flat bottom.
  • When you are first starting it is a good idea to also wear wrist guards, elbow, and knee pads.
  • To prevent getting road rash you should also wear gloves and cover your skin with long pants and sleeves.