While Boosted’s superior motor performance is often noted, it’s the remote that gives a rider simple and intuitive control of the board’s power with just the tip of their thumb. There’s a lot of engineering that goes into the remote because it’s the details that matter.

The Resistance
The remote’s Throttle Wheel acts as both the gas and brake pedal. As it is with any other vehicle, the ability to control how quickly you accelerate and brake is essential. To give you that control, our Throttle Wheel exhibits symmetrical resistance as you move the wheel forward or back from center. This noticeable, yet not overwhelming, bit of resistance gives you a clear sense of the zero, or neutral, throttle position. In addition, the resistance increases in strength as you move the Throttle Wheel closer to the ends of the spectrum. This tuned force feedback helps you feel just how much of the motor’s power you’re accessing at any given moment, giving you exceptional control no matter what the road throws at you.

Safety and Reliability by Design
The remote is your lifeline to the board so our engineers make design choices that promote reliability and safety. For example, the remote leverages non-contact magnetic field sensing to determine the position of the Throttle Wheel. Because it’s non-contact, the system doesn’t wear out over time and isn’t affected by dirt or vibration, making the remote exceptionally reliable over time. As an additional layer of safety, the Throttle Wheel is active only when pressure is applied to the Engage Button (aka deadman’s switch). This redundant action helps prevent accidental pressure on the Throttle Wheel from causing the board to move unintentionally, which can happen when you shove the remote in your pocket or drop it accidentally. Removing pressure from the Engage Button disengages the motors and prevents that from happening.

Ergonomic Shape
Everything about the remote is ergonomic, from its shape to the button placement. The remote’s curved profile keeps unwanted pressure off of the Engage Button by protecting it from contact with the ground or other surfaces. When in regular operating position, the Multi-Button sits within range of your pinky finger so you can tap it to check remaining battery life without having to release the Engage Button or Throttle Wheel. This information is always available on demand, but doesn’t display without being called to preserve the remote’s battery life.

Intuitive Firmware
In everything we do, our mantra is: if the rider has to think about it, we didn’t do our job right. One way we ensure this seamless, instant experience is through careful selection of components. We use one of the highest power Bluetooth™ modules available that exhibits outstanding wireless strength, connection integrity, and noise rejection capabilities. But it’s not enough to just use the best components. All these structural features are supported by our industry-leading firmware. For example, we deploy a signal processing protocol with full data integrity checks that prioritizes freshness of data. That means the board will never act on old inputs that may have been delayed or partially lost in transmission. If you’ve ever been on a laggy or choppy video call, you’ve experienced delayed and incomplete data transmission. That’s not an experience we want any of our riders to have when riding at speed. We also take it a step further and integrate two completely separate radio modules in the board, leaving one dedicated to communicating with the remote when you’re connected to the app or another device. You never have to worry about wireless interference compromising the integrity of your connection.

No Jerks Allowed
Our ride modes allow you to increase a board’s speed and torque as your confidence and skills improve. Each ride mode includes a unique Jerk Filter that provides a careful taper when accelerating or braking. In slower ride modes, the filtering is more pronounced, providing softer, more gradual transitions between accelerating and braking. The advanced settings have limited filtering making them more responsive to input and an absolute blast to ride. Of course, all of these settings are accessed through the remote.

Lots of electric skateboard companies (including us) love to tout their board specs—the remote is often overlooked until it’s in your hands. Yet it’s a key component of the entire system. That’s why we labored over every aspect of the remote to make sure it delivered unparalleled reliability and a secure connection to the board. Our goal is to keep our riders safe and deliver a magical experience, no matter where your ride takes you.