Earlier this month, we asked you to show us how you Own Your Commute. We received a huge number of incredible submissions, which made selecting the winners really difficult (but really fun). From zipping past friends in Uber, to getting to and from campus, to cruising around the city with energetic kids, our winners have integrated Boosted boards into their daily lives. Check out their stories to see why they are owning it in every possible way.

Grand Prize – Winner of the Ultimate Boosted Board Pack

Samuel of Cleveland, OH

“My favorite part about commuting on the Boosted board is the time I get to myself. I’ve been skating and snowboarding since I was 12. It’s a great time to get my head right before work, and reflect on my day after work. I also like smoking cars in the city and attempting (usually successfully) to beat my friends on their Uber rides. I love exploring little nooks and crannies around the city that I would never stroll through on my feet.

Second Place Winner – Thomas

“I got my first gen Boosted board in April of 2017. So far, I’ve clocked in around 2000 miles. I ride it to and from school, everyday. It’s around two miles, and, on a good day, I can make it to school in about 15 minutes. I do have a car, but I always choose to ride my board. Honestly, sometimes the only reason I get up is to get a shred in.”

Third Place Winner – Rich

“As an aspiring engineer and entrepreneur, I use my Boosted board to commute between various places around the Bay Area. From high school, to community college, to my job at a startup, my board has provided me with fun, fast, and affordable transportation. Not only that, it has inspired me to pursue a career in personal electric vehicles. My favorite thing about my board is how unbelievably reliable and cost-effective my commute has become (not having to pay for parking, insurance, etc.).”

Third Place Winner – Chantelle

“I average 3-4 miles a day, 3-5 days a week. When I ride with my kids, I love that I can let them wear themselves out on their push-scooters while I enjoy my motorized skateboard. When we return to the house I still have plenty of energy to be a mom while they go to bed early. My [Boosted] backpack is awesome — I can easily load my board in, hop on Muni and travel to other parts of the city with my kids and their scooters. Not having to worry about finding parking is worth every penny.

I grew up in Southern California in the 80’s & 90’s and was really into the skate scene. I love that I can still cruise the streets surfer/skate style, and get my fix of the feeling of freedom that comes from cruising on a board.”

Third Place Winner – Peter

Before I had the board, I either drove or took the metro to work. We don’t live very far away (5 miles), but the rail trip involved a transfer and if I missed it, it could cost upwards of ten minutes. Now I bypass the subway station that’s closest to me and ride to one that’s a direct shot to my work. In the afternoon, I like to mix it up and either ride through downtown, bypassing many traffic signals (my favorite thing) or ride by the capital and blast down the hill. If I were to drive, it would take about 30 minutes in the morning and upwards of 35 on the way back (before accounting for parking). It’s a tense drive too; lots of crazy drivers and long stoplights. Now, door-to-door, it takes about 25 minutes either by Boosted or combo with the metro.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We loved reading about how Boosted has transformed your commutes from mundane to magical.

– The Boosted Team