Photography has been Jeremy Cohen’s passion since childhood. He followed his dreams all the way to the Big Apple, where he went to art school, assisted for seasoned portrait photographers, interned on the set of SNL, and still lives, working as a freelancer. He specializes in social media partnerships with big name brands. “There is no normal week,” he says.

Jeremy’s biggest challenge is time management. “Sometimes I work every day,” he says. “Sometimes I have the whole week ‘off,’ but I have a hard time hitting the off switch. There are always things to respond to, edit, work on…and I’m always on the go—a meeting here, a shoot there, an errand there. I like to control my own destiny, but the subway doesn’t allow that.” Instead Jeremy rides his Boosted board all over Brooklyn. He especially loves what it does for his laundry routine.

While surfing the bustling streets, Jeremy looks for dynamic faces. For two years he’s worked on a project called @todayiphotographed for which he’s made a portrait every day. Characters range from barbers to buskers to sand castle builders. Lately he’s pairing his pictures with interviews, revealing layers of complexity beneath the softness he seems to be able to capture without fail. “I naturally look for, and shine the light on the positive side of things,” he says.

To see more from the bright side check out Jeremy’s personal Instagram @jerm_cohen.