Meet Photographer Christian Rosillo

When searching for work-life balance, look no further than Christian Rosillo. Born and raised in the Canary Islands of Spain, Christian is a child of both the mountains and sea. A devout local and world traveler, Christian has been all over the globe making photographs and short films of climbing, surfing, and skateboarding.

For the last two years Christian has only said yes to projects he’s truly excited to work on. He takes on two to four media making jobs a month, but most days, you can find Christian catching waves or climbing mountains. And in the evening he helps run his family’s Mediterranean restaurant on the beach.

Christian’s recent work brought him to the island of Ayoke in the Philippines, where he lived with a local family and immersed himself in their day-to-day activities. “Their life is very simple,” he says, “They don’t have electricity or water, but all the people try to help each other. They don’t care about things that we do in Europe or USA.” What began as a short skate film is now becoming a short documentary about the people and their way of life. Stay tuned!