In a world of big-budget big-screen spectacle, Zach Lower is a small-screen specialist. He and his brother-in-law are the two halves of Even, a production company focused on short, snappy films designed for viewing on mobile devices.

Before founding Even, Zach did nearly all his work on his own. Elaborate productions didn’t interest him. “I was a one man band,” he says. “While most production companies are bringing in a crew of fifty people with hundred thousand dollar camera rigs, I just want to nanny the project and make my baby.” Still, Lower is quick to acknowledge the benefits of having a partner. “We can do way more than double the work,” he says.

Zach got his start in the outskirts of Brighton UK, where he grew up, “making sick edits” of his friends’ BMX tricks, and his father and brother’s barely-legal motorsport antics. “It was all good fun,” he says, emphasizing the lack of seriousness. It wasn’t until Zach gave himself the challenge of making and publishing a video a day that things started picking up. “If you shout loud enough about it,” he says, “and do it every day, you become the video guy.” Soon, the clients came running.

With the completion of each new job, Zach invested in his equipment. And once he had all the gear he needed, he invested in travel, venturing to a new place every month—places like the Iceland, Budapest, and the forests of Germany—to stay inspired and make the kind of work that he’d like to get hired to produce. This year Zach is focusing on rekindling his love of motorsports, reaching out to big name brands in the hopes of producing some of their mobile media content. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!