Meet Photographer Ari Weiss

Where selfie sticks reach their limits, Ari Weiss finds his frontier. A life-long photographer and New York native, Ari works closely with some of the world’s biggest YouTube personalities, crafting high-fashion images to supplement the unfiltered look of their daily videos.

Ari’s compositions are rich in detail, and his love of color and contrast come together to create simple yet dramatic frames that capture the imagination. In a world of small-screen iPhoneography, Ari’s work begs to be seen big. He tries to stay away from looking at people’s work on Instagram. “Everything is the same there,” he says.

Though he went to college for graphic design, Ari has been making pictures since he was a kid. In sixth grade, he had a Polaroid camera that he used to make a picture a day. He saved them in a book, decorating their borders with markers. This drive to think beyond the frame has led to jobs with the likes of Google, BMW, Nike, and Henessy. In the coming years, he’s hoping to add film and TV stars to his rolodex of subjects.

Ari also spends a significant amount of time in front of the camera. “A lot of photographers want to hide behind the camera,” he says. “In 2018 I think it’s important to be more of a personality. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason.” Ari has just started his own vlog to give folks behind the scenes look from the photographer’s point of view. See what he’s up to here.