Co-Founder and CTO, John Ulmen recently took some time to chat with our Instagram community on all things Boosted Rev. We had a ton of people submit questions and participate in the live Q+A, but here’s the full video in case you missed it. 

You can also scroll down to read all the questions and answers or you can watch the Q+A here: 


John: “Hey! Welcome to our Q+A for the Boosted Rev. I’m John Ulmen, CTO and Co-founder of Boosted.”

Does it scoot?

John: *Scoots*

Do you ride it?

John: “Yeah”


What’s the actual range for Boosted Rev? I’m not getting what I expected

John: “The Boosted Rev can do up to 22 miles of range. The single biggest factor in the range you get though is how fast you ride. If you take it slow, you’re going to be able to go really far. If you speed up, you’re going to have a great time, but you’re going to take a little range hit.”


Can you ride through puddles?

John: “The Boosted Rev is designed to be water-resistant. You can ride it in some rain no problem. You can go through a couple small puddles, just please don’t throw it in a lake or river.


What stands the Boosted Rev apart from the other electric scooters?

John: “There are really three things I’d say that sets the Boosted Rev apart from other scooters: performance, reliability, and control”

John: “So what gives the Boosted Rev its performance? First off, we’ve got dual-motor drives. The front wheel has a motor inside it, so does the back wheel. Together, you get a full 1500 watts of power that will push you up pretty much any hill.”

John: “Boosted Rev is designed to be super reliable. You’ve got three-inch wide monster tires, custom folding mechanism, super reefy, and a frame that’s designed to withstand all kinds of stress.”

John: “You also have incredible control when you’re riding the Rev. We have a totally custom throttle – there’s nothing like this in the industry. Patent-pending design – where you have acceleration and brake all in one input.”

Same charger as the boards?

John: “Boosted Rev is really easy to charge. You just have a little charger brick you carry with you, plug it in, 3 hours later you’re good to go. I also carry a spare one so I got one with me at work” **Yes, it’s the same charger as the V2 and V3 Boosted boards.**

Any student discounts for the Rev?

John: “We do have a Student discount. Stephan, you wanna tell us about it?

Stephan: “Sure! If you head over to, at the bottom footer there’s a “For Students” tab. Drop-in your .edu email address and you can qualify for 20% off of a board or $100 off of a Rev”

What kinds of tests did you put the Rev through

John: “We really put the Rev through its paces when testing it for reliability. Here are a few examples: high-stress test on the handlebar and frame assembly, drop test on the deck, waterproofing test, and I got over a hundred more of these”

Why is it so expensive (compared to others)

  • John: “Here at Boosted, we strive to build the best. We got a super reliable scooter with a company that’s going to stand behind it in a great record. But most of all, it just rips”

Do you offer internships?

Jonathan: “Yes” 

Others: *laughs*

How loud is it compared to the board

Board: *loud*

Rev: *quiet*

John: “Did you hear that? Nope.”


John: “Thanks for joining us for this Q+A. if you want to check out a Boosted Rev in person, we’ve got events going on all over the country. I’d just check out the events link on our website. Anyways, thanks! Catch ya later”


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