How to Shoot Motion Blur Photos the Boosted Way

Have you ever wanted to know how to create awesome photos while riding your Boosted board? Well, here’s your chance. For #WorldPhotoDay we’ve teamed up with Kyson Dana, Boosted’s very own Art Director to walk through how to capture a photo with some nice motion blur. So grab a friend who can ride a Boosted board and get to it. 

In order to create motion blur, you’re going to need some motion. While there are a few ways to execute this, Kyson suggests riding your board and shooting at the same time. It can be a little intimidating at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it. 

Camera Prep Work

First, lower your shutter speed between 1/50 and 1/80. Don’t lower it too much or you’ll struggle to keep the subject in focus, and don’t have it too fast or your photos will lose the sense of speed and movement. If you’re using a DSLR camera, you can easily control your shutter speed or if you’re using a smartphone, there are myriad apps that can do the same thing. Questions? YouTube will become your new best friend. 

Keep reading for three ways to create motion blur photos. 

How to Capture Photos from Behind

Hold your camera in your right hand and your Boosted Remote in your left. This might feel a little weird the first time you try it, but it will eventually feel natural. Practice using your thumb to click the trigger on the camera so you can keep a firm one-handed grip while riding. Then, while following your subject, get your camera down low to the ground, point it toward your subject, and begin snapping photos. If you’ve got your settings adjusted right you should get images that capture the feel of the ride. 

How to Capture Photos from the Front

Once you’ve got this down, try shooting photos while riding in front of your subject In order to do this, you’ll need to ride while pointing the camera behind you just make sure you pay attention to where you’re going! This technique is a little trickier to master but with these images you get to see your subjects face. Remember to continue to use a slower shutter speed to get some nice looking motion blur. 

How to Capture While Standing on the Ground 

If riding the board while shooting photos is too much of a challenge, you can also create motion blur images while standing in one place. Pick a good location where your subject can ride past you. You’ll need them to ride perpendicular to you rather than towards you in order for the subject to come out looking sharp, while the foreground and background are blurred. As your friend rides past, follow them with your camera, matching the speed they are traveling and begin snapping photos.

The best part about experimenting with motion blur is you’ll never know how the photo will turn out. It’s easy to miss focus, blur too much, or end up with a result that you weren’t intending. Just like everything else in life, it takes a lot of practice. Be patient, shoot tons of photos, and more importantly, have fun. 

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