How Professional Football Players Ride Boosted

Over the past year we’ve had the chance to work with some of pro football’s best. AFC, NFC, ring winning champions, MVPs, rushing leaders, and more—Boosted is the preferred way to get to practice, the weight room, or just to blow off some steam for the pros.

Keep reading for a few highlights!

Tom Brady

We worked with the GOAT and his team to hook up a holiday gift for his linemen. Check out their custom-fitted Boosted Revs. 

Christian McCaffrey

Christian’s been riding Boosted boards for years. After we released Boosted Rev, he knew it was the perfect gift for his teammates after leading the Panthers in rushing during the 2019 season. Check out the full story from the Panthers.

Julian Edelman

Julian’s been riding skateboards since he was a kid. Now, he cruises through Boston with his Boosted Stealth.

“There is nothing like a warm day in the city on my Boosted board. Boston is pretty small so me and my buddies will see the whole city in just a couple hours. I swear I’ve been to every inch of the town on that thing.”

Sam Darnold

Being a West Coast guy, Sam Darnold feels comfortable on a board. We hooked up the other QBs on the New York Jets with a few Mini Xs and a few Stealths. Check out Sam’s Insta Story.

Cody Thompson

With his recent move to Seattle, you’ll see Cody cruising on his Boosted Rev soon. 


Royce Freeman

Royce knows Denver is always a smooth place to ride.

Boosted Rev

Richie James

Current vibes: “And they need some really big rings / They need some really nice things / Better be comin’ with no strings.” Hoping to see Richie back in the Bay Area wearing a really big ring, riding his Stealth.

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