4 Ways We Built Boosted Rev to Be the Safest Electric Scooter on the Road

We know that safety is top of mind for all of our riders. And it should be. That’s why it was top of mind for us in designing Boosted Rev. And why when we say powerful, we mean instant acceleration, so you can get out of sticky situations safely. And why we decided that three brakes were better than one. We also stayed laser-focused on ensuring that Boosted Rev’s distinctive design features a wide, stable platform and a lower center of gravity so you always stay in control of your ride.

Keep reading to see 4 ways we built Boosted Rev to be the safest scooter in the game.

Three Ways to Brake

Boosted Rev is the only scooter on the market with truly powerful and effective electric brakes, giving you smooth, predictable power and responsive control so you can react to any situation. The simple, intuitive control is based off of our top-rated board remote design which provides an instant connection between you and your ride. All you need to do is roll your thumb to the plus (+) sign to speed up, and back to the minus sign (-) to slow down.

We think you’ll come to trust the electric brake, but old habits die hard, so we incorporated two back-up systems a best-in-class mechanical disc brake, and rear fender brake. No matter your preference, you’ll always feel safe and in control.

Focus on Stability

We designed Boosted Rev to have a low center of gravity and a wide platform that makes it super stable at any speed. The steering tube is angled to help you keep a natural stance so you can ride comfortably over any terrain.

  • Offset handlebars: Ergonomic handlebars are angled toward you so you can keep a relaxed, balanced position.
  • Aggressive rake angle: The steering tube is angled (or raked) toward you so you can stand without being forced into a stiff, upright posture.
  • Wide standing platform: With plenty of room to stand on, you’ll always have a balanced and comfortable ride.
  • Low standing height: With a low standing height, you’ll be able to keep a grounded stance.

High-Performance Tires

Our custom-designed tires are wider than standard tires, giving Boosted Rev a generous contact patch with the road for superior traction. Our pneumatic, air-filled tires absorb shock and create a smooth, cushy ride. And with deep, custom-designed tread, you’ll stay in control.

400 Lumen Headlight

A powerful 400 lumen headlight provides optimal visibility when riding at night or in low light. For added safety, the rear fender light is a functioning brake light.

Meet Boosted Rev

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