4 Ways We Built Boosted Rev to Be the Quickest Electric Scooter on the Road


When it comes to outsmarting traffic, you have to think fast. That’s why we designed  Boosted Rev to be nimble, so it can respond to changing traffic conditions, smoothly, quickly and safely—so you can get where you’re going—faster.

Here are 4 ways we built Boosted Rev to be the quickest scooter in the game.

1. Up to 24 mph Speeds

Boosted Rev is a high-performance, quality lightweight, electric vehicle. Designed to take you up to 24 mph (with instant acceleration) Rev was built so you can keep up with the flow of traffic. Its powertrain, with precision-tuned acceleration curves, create a seamless experience from the throttle down to the wheels. Change your mode to adjust performance and range, and get wherever you need to go without getting stuck.

2. Dual Motors for Power

You know the feeling when your car tire starts to spin out on a hill or in tough terrain? That’s because it’s not built with two motors. We designed Boosted Rev to handle just those problems. And while it may seem counterintuitive, power equals safety. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Boosted Rev’s 1500W dual-wheel drive and proprietary powertrain give you the control and acceleration you need to react in changing traffic situations.
  • Best-in-class electric braking at your fingertips lets you handle steep hills and stop on a dime. Oh, and did we mention there are two more ways to brake—mechanical and a foot brake for those just-in-case moments.

3. Up to 22 Miles of Range

We didn’t design Boosted Rev to be a toy. We designed it to solve real day-to-day transportation problems. That’s why you can expect up to 22-mile range on a full charge. How? Boosted Rev was designed with the most advanced battery technology and firmware of any scooter on the market. It also features 3 modes so you can maximize range of speed based on your needs. Out for a quick joyride? Choose mode 3. Need to conserve range over a longer stretch of road? Choose mode 1.

4. Hill-climbing Prowess

Have you ever stood at the bottom of a hill and wondered how you could teleport your way around or over it? Well, now you can … kind of. Boosted Rev was made to handle up to 25% hill grades which means your neighborhood Mt. Everest has met its match.

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