Electric Skateboard Diagram

remote diagram


Standard Mode – It’s best to start in this mode until you are constantly at full throttle and still feel like you could go faster. This will reduce the risk of falling when you first start learning.  The mode indicator LED will pulse slowly for standard mode and quickly for expert mode. Three clicks of the power button will switch modes.

Expert Mode – The board will have the full amount of torque available for hill climbing, stopping, accelerating, and achieving the top speed of the board near 20mph.

WARNING: The trigger will feel more sensitive, so it is important that you start by trying to move forward as slowly as possible and then coast to a stop.  Once you have mastered the forward acceleration, then slowly try decelerating.

How it works

The speed of the board is controlled by the wireless controller.  When the trigger is held, you command the board forward by rolling the wheel forward.  To slow down you can slowly release the wheel and the board will coast and eventually stop if you are on a level ground.  To slow down quicker the wheel can be gently pulled backwards.

Electric Skateboard Remote

The Boosted board is steered the same way an unpowered skateboard is.  If the rider leans their weight to one side of the board the trucks will turn in that direction.  This will feel like the rider is putting more weight on their toes or heels.  The front truck does most of the steering so if the rider puts more weight on their front foot the board will be more responsive.