No matter how Boosted fits into your life, you can be sure you’ve got a ride that’s dependable and made to last for years to come. Our boards are built to vehicle-grade specifications, each tuned to the perfect balance of speed, stability and maneuverability. With road readiness as our foundation, each of our four skateboard models are designed to excel in different environments and riding scenarios to so you can choose the board that best suits your needs.

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Boosted Mini S

Boosted Mini S is the ultra-nimble ripper you need for all your quick errands and shorter commutes. At 29.5-inches, the board is optimized for portability, making it much easier and more discrete to take on public transportation and indoor spaces. The kicktail also helps make the board highly maneuverable, as you can pivot the board and make sharp 90-degree turns. However, compared to our longboards, the shorter deck is not quite as stable at higher speeds, so we limited the top speed to 18 mph. The Boosted Mini S is incredibly versatile and can absolutely be ridden on city streets and bike lanes, however, it really shines on campuses and other locations where the streets are not as chewed up from heavy urban traffic. Equipped with our standard range battery, Boosted Mini S is air travel-friendly and ready to accompany you on all your journeys to far away places.

Boosted Mini X


Long-range rollers need look no further than Boosted Mini X to satisfy your desire for endless play and power. Identical in form to Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X packs double the range in the same compact package. Though that extra power means the board is not compatible with in-flight regulations, your consolation is being able to see and do twice as much right at home without having to worry about range. Boosted Mini X is also 2mph faster than S, with a top speed of 20mph, making it perfect for urban excursions, large campuses, and that extra-long to-do list. Boosted Mini X fits perfectly into the routine of any hyper-mobile commuter with things to do and people to see.

Boosted Plus

We call Boosted Plus “the new standard” for good reason. Great for commuting and weekend adventures, Boosted Plus is a workhorse that’ll make all your journeys feel like play. Boosted Plus now comes equipped with the extended range battery, so you can cover up to 14 miles on a single charge – that’s double the range of our 1st and 2nd gen standard models. At 38 inches, the Super Flex composite deck offers riders a super stable platform at higher speeds, with just the right amount of flex to soak up the bumps, making longer commutes faster and more comfortable. Boosted Plus is not quite as maneuverable or portable as the Boosted Mini, but much easier to stash and carry than a scooter or bike. The board’s 22mph top speed delivers a perfectly-legal thrill on any city street and is equally at home on larger campuses, making it the most versatile of our new lineup.

Boosted Stealth

Boosted Stealth is made for riders who place a premium on speed and performance. Like Boosted Plus, this board featured the same 38-inch Super Flex composite deck and extended range battery, making Boosted Stealth incredibly stable and comfortable on long rides. However, that’s where the similarities end. We gave our highest-end model Hyper Mode that allows you to reach a top speed of 24 mph and gives you access to lightning-fast acceleration. On open roads and in dense cities, Hyper Mode gives you the speed and response you need to feel confident navigating alongside traffic. Featuring forged trucks and metal pulleys, Boosted Stealth offers a smoother, quieter ride that will hold up to years of long, frequent rider in a wide variety of conditions. While it is equally at home on all roads, campus security may not appreciate Boosted Stealth as much as our smaller, more compact shortboards! The choice is yours.

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