European Tour: First Stop, Barcelona

We took Boosted Rev across the pond to give our European riders a chance to experience what our high-performance, vehicle-grade scooters and boards feel like. First stop, Barcelona.

What They Had To Say

“To be honest, Barna is probably one of the most adequate places to ride a boosted board, if you know your way you can get to places faster than with a motorbike, the city infrastructure for the Olympic games had to adapt all the floor materials for wheelchairs so the wheels we ride can shred easily from one point of the city to the other. I used to skate everywhere and get sweaty after pushing for a bit. But now going to my office in the morning means I get the feeling of adrenaline combined with style.” Jonathan Rodrigo

“From the moment I first got my Boosted board, I fell in love with cruising the Stealth around the city. I live by the Arc de Triomf so I always start by riding down the Passeig Lluis Companys, which is super smooth and wide and great for those long S-curves. Then I head down to the beach or into Poble Nou for hassle-free riding without crowds or too many cars. The “alternative transportation” scene here is really big, with tons of cyclists and scooter riders, and it seems that there are constantly new infrastructure projects making Barcelona even better (and smoother). I used to bike, walk, or take the subway, but the added benefit that the boards are actually fun to ride has me choosing the Boosted as often as possible!” Sam Zucker