From the outset, our goal with Boosted Mini was to make a board that is super maneuverable and as “carry-able” as possible. The end result? An innovative deck shape that lets you become one with the board, offering total control and a sense of ease that lets you enjoy the road ahead.

Maximized for Maneuverability
Due to its unique shape and length, Boosted Mini’s ride feel is different from our longboards. Its compact size requires the electrical components to occupy the length of the deck between the wheels. As a result, the deck does not exhibit the same deep flexing characteristic of our longboards. However, when agility and responsiveness matter most, you want a relatively stiff deck that can react instantly as you dip and dive through all the tight spaces Boosted Mini can go. In order to create a more lively ride feel, the deck exhibits a light camber running the length of the deck which gives it springiness and snap.

A Map for Your Feet
Boosted Mini’s shape was inspired by 80’s pool skateboard decks which tended to be wide for better control, stability, and flow. Unlike other currently-available electric skateboards, which are relatively flat, Boosted Mini’s 29.5” standing platform showcases our Deep Dish concave – a topography of subtle peaks and valleys that give you a clear indication of foot placement. This feature helps you keep your feet locked in and your stance secure while riding at high speeds and initiating quick, carving turns. The front end of the deck features a blunt nose and a spoon-shaped concave which work in concert to minimize board length and maximize on-board comfort. The concave also provides clearance for our 80mm wheels, eliminating wheel bite and allowing for deep, flowing turns.

Kicktail Design
The kicktail was a driving force of Boosted Mini’s design. It is key to increasing the board’s maneuverability exponentially by allowing you to make quick pivots and tight turns. By shifting your weight into the curve of the kicktail and “de-weighting” your front foot, Boosted Mini helps you navigate over uneven terrain. This kind of flexibility makes for an unrivaled responsiveness in ride feel, and even if you’re uncertain about your skill level, the kicktail’s design is so intuitive that you’ll master it in no time.

Composite Construction
Of course all this innovation in deck shape and ride characteristics would be nothing without our industry-leading board construction. We’ve created a composite deck leveraging techniques adapted from snowboard manufacturing, which allows us to be incredibly precise in material selection. Boosted Mini’s poplar core is sandwiched between top and bottom sheets of triaxial fiberglass with reinforced connection points. The edges of the deck are wrapped with polymer sidewalls that can take a beating without splitting, and help seal the deck from the elements. The kicktail also features a replaceable skid plate that will help it keep its shape as you rack up the miles.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Abridged Version)
By design, Boosted Mini opens riders up to more aggressive terrain and riding, so enhanced durability is of paramount importance. We actually designed our suite of aggressive smack, slam, and vibration tests with Boosted Mini in mind. You can read about the full battery of tests in our post about the Super Flex deck.Trust us, the boards withstand more abuse than they will see in a lifetime of riding over incredibly challenging terrain.

We’ve said it before: Boosted makes vehicles, not toys. We’ve done everything we can to deliver a new generation of boards that will live up to our community’s standards and our own high expectations. Now available in a shape and size suited to nearly any commuting scenario, Boosted Mini is a ride you’ll never want to end.