A huge shout out to everyone who participated in our Epic Summer contest! As requested, we received some epic content. 

Ultimately the winners created videos that showed us how truly epic their summers were and how much better it would have been with a Boosted vehicle. We wanted to get on our board and cruise with Austin as he went from mural to mural. Sean’s video showcased some amazing editing skills and his description really highlighted how a Boosted vehicle would help him enable even more creativity. 

Scroll down to see the videos from our Grand Prize and Runner Up winners.

If you participated but didn’t win, don’t worry — we’ll be announcing another contest soon.

Grand Prize Winners

Board Owner Category – Austen H.

“Boosted boards are the most enjoyable way to commute. They made my summer epic by enhancing every commuting activity from completing,  ‘To do’ list items to exploring backcountry mountain roads. 

Not to mention, it’s often the fastest and most convenient way to get around the city — if you’re not bogged down by people asking where you got it and how fast it goes. I now find myself looking for an excuse to take out the Boosted.”



Non-Board Owner Category – Sean L.


“This has been the craziest summer I’ve had by far. I decided to record my adventures and tell the story of my memories. A Boosted board would’ve made summer better because there were times where I thought, ‘if I just had a Boosted board, I could ride through here and get the most epic shots!’ Not only that, but a Boosted board will allow me to catch a break and go on a quick ride, cooling down my mind and refreshing my thoughts.”


Runner Up Winners


Best Thumbnail – Jensen A.


“Although this last year was one of the best summers I could ever ask for, a Boosted board would’ve changed the whole sunny experience. As seen in the video listed, my source of transportation was a Segway that goes up to only 10 mph. Don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty fun ride, but coming from a kid who’s been longboarding for almost a decade now, I would 100% prefer a powered longboard like the Boosted board as a source of transportation.



Best Original Music – Ben M.


As a London music student, I loved the diversity and hunger in NYC for creatives! My edit is structured around my own music composition and has clips of my travels to both cities. I wanted to create this seamless blend between the two cultural hubs to showcase the similarities yet contrast between them.


A Boosted board would change my life as a student. I would use it to commute to college every day and to explore new cities and areas that I visit around the world!”



Best Title – Nicholas F.


“Summer has just sailed away, but like Thoreau said, we, ‘must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter’. And when the days get so dark and cold and summer seems so far away, find solace knowing it’s always summer somewhere and revisit your epic memories from summers past.”