Thanks to everyone who came out to a demo event or joined us on a group ride during our City Summer Tour! We loved meeting everyone and could not have asked for a warmer welcome in each city.  

Some Highlights:

SF: We kicked off with a BBQ right at our HQ on Go Skate Day. It was a great start to the tour, and we met a lot of new faces! 

LA: This is when the giveaway started to get crazy — we had people chasing us by van and by foot to make it to the coordinates first!  

Chicago: Our giveaway winner drove from Wisconsin to find the hidden board, and we had riders fly in from Houston and Philly to join the group rides.

NYC: As the tour went on, so did the size of our events. In NYC we had the biggest group ride in Boosted history and lines around the block to demo the board.

The Hunt Winners
Congrats to our lucky winners @kevinmkaspar, @jadehenrykang, @claymichek, and @vanflymen. Using their super sleuthing powers, these four found hidden GPS coordinates on our site and in our social posts, leading them to a specific giveaway location. To everyone who played along, we hope you had fun – it was a blast seeing everyone start to put it together and to see how quickly the momentum built from SF to NYC.

Our last winner is Cody of Nashville, TN! Welcome to the Boosted community. We can’t wait to see pics of you riding in your city!

The winning coordinates have now been unlocked on the City Summer Tour page.

Well, that’s a wrap. Again, thanks to everyone in the Boosted community. We are overwhelmed by how much passion, support, and overall stoke everyone has for the board and for each other. We hope to see you again soon!

-The Boosted Team