The 2nd generation Boosted board has a battery that gives you the freedom to choose your range. The standard battery, with 99 watt­-hours for 7-8 miles of range, is fully certified for passenger airliner travel when portability is at a premium. The extended battery, with 199Wh for 12­-14 miles of range, is perfect for longer commutes and epic rides. The best part about our battery? It’s user-replaceable so you can change your battery using only one tool.

To Remove the Battery

boosted-board-battery-powerFirst ensure that the board is turned off.


boosted-board-battery-swapPlace the board upside down on a flat surface. Using a 4mm hex wrench, remove the six bolts fastening the battery to the deck.


boosted-board-battery-swap-2Lift the battery to reveal the connector between the deck and battery pack.


boosted-board-battery-swap-3Carefully twist and pull the connector apart.



To Insert a New Battery

Align the grooves on both ends of the connector (board & battery).


Insert, push together, and twist the two ends of the connector to tighten.


battery-swap (15 of 17)Ensure the connector lays flat within the groove of the board.


battery-swap (1 of 17)Replace and tighten the bolts with the hex wrench.


Our user-replaceable battery design means you can travel light or travel far depending on what you need.  Stay tuned for more 2nd generation Boosted board feature updates.