Today we’re kicking off our massive 2018 Summer Showdown!

Over the next 5 weeks we’ll be hosting nearly 100 group rides and demo events in NYC, SF, Chicago, LA, Toronto, Miami, Austin, Boston, Seattle, and Minneapolis. We’ll wrap the tour with a final throwdown between San Francisco and New York City! Come meet the Boosted team and try one of the new boards, or join us for a group ride and score some Boosted swag.

As part of our Summer Showdown, we’re also giving away four (yes, four) Boosted boards every week.

How to Enter 

  1. Enter the showdown at any time by downloading the Boosted app and creating an account. Join the showdown when prompted to do so on the app.
  2. During the week we’re in your city, earn points for your city three ways: 1) attend a demo event; 2) join a group ride; 3) record a ride via the Boosted app.

How to Score 

  • Register to Play: 500 points
  • Record a Ride: 20 points per mile
  • Join a Group Ride: 500 points per event
  • Attend a Demo Event: 500 points per event

How to Win

Each week we pit two cities against each other to see who has the most active community. We will tally up the points on a daily basis and update the scoreboard each morning. At the end of the week, the city with the most points will be crowned the winner and three lucky participants in that city win a free Boosted board. Winners will be notified via email the week after their city’s showdown and may be featured on our site.

Summer Showdown Schedule

  • June 25-July 1: Boston vs Austin
  • July 2-8: LA vs Chicago
  • July 9-15: Seattle vs Toronto
  • July 16-22: Minneapolis vs Miami
  • July 23-29: SF vs NYC

Bonus Points – Share Your Dream Road

For those who live outside of our Summer Showdown cities, we’re giving you the opportunity to enter in on the fun. Show us where you would ride by uploading a pic and sharing it on social. Each week we will select the winning entry.

We hope that we meet as many of you as possible during the Summer Showdown. Summer is the best time to show your hometown pride and ride as much as humanly possible while the sun’s out and the roads are dry. We can’t wait to crown the winners!

– The Boosted Team