Starting August 13, 2019 we’ll begin shipping Boosted Rev to all customers! We’ve been hard at work getting Boosted Rev up to our stringent quality and durability standards, and we couldn’t be prouder to get it into your hands (well, really, under your feet!).

Here’s How To Order Your Boosted Rev

  1. Head to the Boosted Rev product page to check it out!
  2. Once your order is complete, your Boosted Rev will ship in approximately three weeks
  3. Please note: orders will ship in the order in which full payment is received, so the sooner you complete your order, the sooner you’ll start riding!

Shipping Timelines By Region

North American Customers

Starting August 14, we’ll begin shipping to all North American customers. Expect your Rev to land at your door three weeks after your order has been received.

International Customers

European Customers

Starting August 14, 2019, our European customers can expect the same shipping timeless as North American costumers. When we receive your payment, you can expect Rev to arrive three weeks later.

New Zealand Customers

As of August 14, 2019 we are still approximately 4 weeks away from Boosted Rev hitting our distribution center in New Zealand. Sit tight, they’ll be there soon. 

Australian Customers

Due to changing certification requirements, we do not have the ability to ship to Australia at this time. We are hopeful that we will be able to iron this out with but in the meantime, please contact the Boosted Stoke team if you wish to get an email update when we know more. 

-The Boosted Team