We’re getting ready to ship Boosted Rev and the team has been hard at work making sure your scooter meets our stringent quality and durability standards. Boosted Rev is built to withstand extremely challenging conditions over years and years of daily riding and we couldn’t be prouder to get it into your hands (well, really, under your feet!).

Here’s How To Complete Your Order

  1. Boosted will send you an email (soon!) to complete your order.
  2. Once your order is complete, your Boosted Rev will ship in approximately two weeks
  3. Please note: orders will ship in the order in which full payment is received, so the sooner you complete your order, the sooner you start riding!

More Information About Shipping Timelines

We’ll begin batch sending final order notifications in the following order:

North American Customers

Starting the first week of July, we’ll email the first batch of North American reservation holders to collect final payment. We will email the subsequent batches of reservation holders on a regular cadence until we are through the queue.

International Customers

Due to additional certification requirements, international shipping will follow slightly behind the first North American customer shipments.

European Customers

In approximately three weeks, we’ll start reaching out to our European reservation holders.

New Zealand Customers

In approximately five weeks, we’ll start reaching out to our New Zealand customers.

Australian Customers

Due to changing certification requirements, we do not have a firm shipping timeline to share at this time. We are hopeful that we will have a firm timeline to share in the upcoming weeks.


  • The Boosted Team