Sam Sheffer takes Boosted Rev through the motions on his daily commute through New York City. From driving down cobblestone streets to how it performs in real riding conditions, here’s how  vehicle in New York. Sam says the Rev stacks up.

5 Key Takeaways from Sam

1.  “The Rev is a tank of a scooter.”

With super thick tires and a low and wide base plate it’s durable and really well built.”

2. “Get ready to be blown away by the torque.”

Insane acceleration and a smooth ride make cruising around incredibly fun.

3. “Probably the most powerful scooter you’ll ever ride.”

Dual drive motors means both wheels have a motor and spin when you accelerate. Boosted tuned it to give you insane power, so much power that you can top out at speeds of up to 25 mph.

4. “The Rev is super zippy and maneuverable.”

Boosted Rev’s front wheel has a turn radius 180 degrees—something Sam’s never seen on a scooter before.

5. “A pretty genius thumb throttle. “

Enjoy electric braking and easy acceleration all in one place. The thumb throttle Boosted designed is how you make the scooter go and stop. It’s super intuitive—just slide it towards the (+) to speed up and the (-) to slow down.

Meet Boosted Rev

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