What happens when you take a crew of Beta Testers and send them out on a mission to push Boosted Rev to its limits? Well, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. From pure fun to a few run ins with trees, the Boosted Rev help up under the pressure of someone looking for trouble (and a good time).

Here’s what our Beta Testers had to say:

“Honestly, the best thing about the Rev is going full speed, pulling the hand brake and skidding out. I could do that all day. “

“The wide handlebars make me feel like I can ride it aggressively.”

“It rides more like a bike, which is the opposite of the shared scooters, so you can take corners fast and really control your ride. “

“We took it on some trails off road and surprisingly it could handle the dirt. The wide tires and the stable frame made me feel safe. I could also jump over curbs and speed bumps. “

“I ran it into a tree and it came up kicking. I was fine, too.” 

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