7 Ways We Built Boosted Rev to Be the Easiest Electric Scooter on the Road

Getting around should be easy. As in, arrive at point B and not realize you ever left point A type of easy.  With features like a never-before-seen throttle for speed and braking and foldable, stowable design, Boosted Rev was made to be a seamless addition to your day.

Keep reading to see 7 ways we built Rev to be the easiest scooter to ride.

An Innovative Throttle Controls Speed & Braking

Boosted Rev features the most advanced throttle system seen in lightweight electric vehicles. We spent the time making over 40 prototypes before we reached the perfect way to control acceleration and braking. And, it’s all controlled with the roll of your thumb. We call that very easy.

Ergonomic Handlebars Are Seriously Stable

It’s as easy as riding a bike! No, seriously, we designed Boosted Rev’s handlebars after the ones you see on high-performance mountain bikes so you get a sense of immediate control and stability. It’s also familiar. We all remember learning how to ride a bike, and we haven’t forgotten what that feels like. Optimized for both width and sweep, expect a relaxed, comfortable ride.

The Most Intuitive Display Ever

A sleek LED screen displays the essentials: speed, range, and battery level. Change modes, control your headlight, and power on/off with the Multi-button. Never worry about water and dust with its durable housing and scratch-resistant surface.

Ride Modes for Everyone

Ease into your ride, or hit max speeds from the get-go. Our three easy ride modes give you the options to ride however you want. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ride Mode 1: Goes up 12 mph. This is the mode where you’ll get the most out of your battery!
  • Ride Mode 2: Goes up to 18 mph. Perfect for everyday use.
  • Ride Mode 3: Goes up to 24 mph. Really feel the wind in your hair. 

Made to Be Foldable & Stowable

Boosted Rev is designed to fold easily so you can fit it in the trunk of your car, on the train, or under your desk. With one movement and a click, the steering tube is locked into place until you’re ready to ride again.

Designed with Security in Mind

We designed Boosted Reve with a sleek lockable frame, so you can rest easy. To lock your scooter, simply place your lock around a standard bike rack and the metal frame for a secure hold.

The Boosted App

Get event notifications in your area, meet our community, track your miles, get software updates, control and dim the headlight, and record ride data. Our Boosted app will walk you through your product and also features Apple watch integration.

Meet Boosted Rev

Learn more about our all-new, high-performance electric scooter.