The Open Road: Paulina Eriksson

Spain might be one of the most Boosted-friendly places to ride in the world. Long, wide avenues, flat, scooter-friendly streets, gorgeous beaches and things to see on every street. It’s easy to get lost. We were lucky enough to catch up with Swedish transplant (and Boosted rider), Paulina E. to chat all things Spain and Boosted.

Where do you live? Where are you from? Tell us what you love most about your community.

I currently live in Marbella, Spain but I’m originally from southern Sweden. I’m fairly new to Marbella so I haven’t gotten to know the community that much yet but everyone is super friendly here and very easy going which I like.

What’s your favorite thing about your Boosted board? (Which one do you ride?) What did you use or ride before your Boosted board and how has your day changed?
I ride Mini S and Stealth. There are so many awesome things about Boosted Boards so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I really love that I can use it as transportation as well as riding with my friends just for fun. So convenient. I used to ride regular skateboard and cruisers which is super fun as well but with Boosted you’re able to go places faster with very little effort which is good if you’re going to a meeting or work etc.

What was the most annoying thing about getting around town before you had your Boosted board?
Traffic!!! And I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Boosted Boards are definitely a game changer for me. With my Boosted I can get to the beach in 5 min instead of 15 with my car, and that’s also better for the environment.

What are your favorite places to visit on your board near where you live?
My favorite place to visit is definitely the beach!

Describe your favorite ride and what you see along the way?
My favorite ride is to the beach. On the way I pass a college, some restaurants, grocery store, tons of palm trees and of course, a lot of cars that are stuck in traffic or looking for an available parking spot.

What type of camera did you use to capture this content?
I use Canon 70d, GoPro or my iPhone.

What’s your photo/video inspiration for this content?
Usually when I shoot content I just go ride like I would normally do and shoot whatever comes to mind. If I see a nice location I might stop and snap some pics there or I just shoot a video when I’m riding and having fun.

What are you listening to now?
I really like to mix new music with old classics. These are my favorites at the moment:

What are reading now, website, favorite places to visit on the internet?
I actually don’t really read or visit that many websites anymore, However, I’m more obsessed with Youtube and vlogs at the moment. I spend a lot of time on Youtube.

Who are some of your favorite videographers and photographers?
Oh man, there are so many talented people out there right now. For photography I really like Dasha Nosova and all of her amazing snowboard shots and I think Andreas Hem creates really cool videos.

What are your daily routines/habits, how do they keep you motivated or on track?
I honestly don’t really have any daily routines or habits which is something I’m trying to change. One thing I started with lately is to write a list every day of things I need to do. This really helps me stay motivated because if I keep everything in my head I can easily get overwhelmed and stressed and think I have more to do than I actually do.

Are you a procrastinator or a time cop?
I think I’m a little bit of both.