It’s kind of a big deal.

He holds 23 X Games medals and won the World Cup Skateboarding championship 9 times. He’s been featured in video games, was a vert doubles partner with Tony Hawk, and now lives in San Diego, using his Boosted board to get around.

Is he more than qualified? Yes. Are we going to interview him anyway? Yes.

Andy, tell us about your background.

My first job ever was teaching skateboarding. In high school, I worked for the YMCA teaching kids a one-hour skateboard class, making $4.75 an hour. Of course, getting there cost about a buck and a half, so I didn’t actually make much money at it.

When I graduated high school, I decided to move to California to pursue my dream of being a pro skateboarder. I drove across the country in my broken down Datsun with $500 in my pocket. I applied to wash dishes, clean toilets, whatever, but nobody would hire me. Soon enough I had $50 left. I was so depressed.

One day I drove by Sea World, and I thought, “they’ve got to be hiring.” So I went into Sea World and they had two job openings. One was as a marine biologist, swimming with the dolphins. But you had to have a college degree. The other was being a “walk around character,” and that’s the one I said I was interested in. I tried on the suit, started dancing around, and got hired right on the spot. So my first real job in San Diego was dressing up as Shamu, the killer whale.

Then there was a 25 year pro skateboarding career somewhere in there.

How do you use your Boosted board?

I use my board every day, taking my kids to and from school. I also ride it to the skate park, use it to run errands, and basically take every excuse I get to ride down to the store. It’s my go-to commuting tool, and I’ve been using it that way since Boosted launched the first generation of boards.

And it’s also just fun. There’s a famous hill in San Diego where people run slalom races between the reflectors on the road. I’ll take my Boosted board and slalom through the reflectors, then slalom on the way back up because it can go up the hill at the same speed.

What made you want to join Boosted?

Teaming up with engineers on future products is awesome. Going from the longboard to the short board was a game-changer for me in terms of how much more portable and maneuverable the thing became. I want to push that even further, so we may be playing with things like deck shapes, weight, and other tweaks to enhance the product.