What’s your reason to ride?

Everyone has their own reason to ride. You might live in a dense urban city and are looking for a better way to commute or you could be simply looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon. Whatever it is, Boosted delivers an amazing experience. Discover what type of a rider you are:

Core Carver

As a skater, surfer, or snowboarder, you know the feeling of flying into a deep, sensuous carve. This is at the heart of all board sports—go fast and turn. It’s what we love and crave. But sometimes it’s flat, the snow isn’t flying, or you just don’t have time to hike the hill or make it to the beach. That doesn’t mean you have to sit idle. After all, you’re an adventurer, a thrill-seeker and you’re always up for trying something new. You’re a core carver. Here are your reasons to ride.


Urban Explorer

Whether you work or play in the city, you know how maddening it can be to get around, especially during commute hours and on big event weekends (which is basically every weekend in the city). You don’t have time to sit in traffic, circle the block, or wait around for an Uber. You’re a busy, social human with meetings to get to, a new lunch spot to check out, and friends to hang with. You thrive on the fast-pace of the city and want to explore it from a different perspective and in record time. You’re an urban explorer. Here are your reasons to ride.


Campus Cruiser

Campus life is pretty great, but making the trip from your apartment to campus to the library to class and back for the millionth time can be a drag. You’ve got places to be, and you don’t have time to hoof it to campus or file a police report when your bike gets stolen. You’re also a social connector and you want to pack in as many meetings and activities as possible without showing up a sweaty mess. You are curious and free-spirited which means that sometimes you just want to just unplug and wander. You’re a campus cruiser. Here are your reasons to ride.


Not sure which rider you are? Take the quiz and find out for yourself!