Updated Shipping Schedules

Over the past few weeks we have finalized shipping schedules for all North American customers who have ordered or reserved Dual+ or Dual boards. We will do our best to accelerate this schedule and will provide updates as they become available.

Current 2nd Generation Board Owners
We will start shipping replacement batteries immediately. Once you have submitted the online Battery Pack Replacement form, and we have verified the information, we will send you an email indicating an expected ship date for your replacement battery pack. We will ship battery packs based on the date we verify your submission, so the sooner you complete the process, the sooner we will ship your replacement battery pack.

Dual+ Customers Who Paid in Full, Awaiting Shipment
For those of you who paid for a board but have not yet received it, we will begin shipping Dual+ on February 20th after we have had time to replace a majority of current battery packs out in the field. We will ship boards in the order in which we received final payment. About two weeks before we ship your board, we will send you an email confirming your shipping address.

Dual+ Customers Paid Order Confirmation EmailShipping Confirmation Email
Before October 122/62/20
October 132/132/27
October 13 – 202/213/6
October 20 – 222/283/13
October 23 – 283/63/20
October 29 – November3/133/27

Dual Customers Who Paid in Full, Awaiting Shipment
Your boards will ship the week of 3/20. We will send you a confirmation email on 3/6.

Dual+ and Dual Reservation Holders, US and Canada
A few weeks before your board is ready to ship, we will send an order confirmation email to collect the remaining balance and finalize your shipping information.

Reservations Made for Dual+Order Confirmation EmailShipping Confirmation Email
July 27 – August 83/63/27
August 9 – October 63/134/3
October 7 – November 93/204/10
November 10 – present3/274/17
Reservations Made for DualOrder Confirmation EmailShipping Confirmation Email
May 19 – May 293/63/27
May 30 – June 193/134/3
June 20 – July 133/204/10
July 14 – August 153/274/17
August 16 – November 174/34/24
November 18 – present4/105/1

International, Single, and Extended Range Pack
We will have an update for you by the end of January. Given the current situation, we’ve had to focus on re-qualifying the manufacturing process for battery production, which has impacted the rest of the product roadmap.