The Verge: Best Electric Skateboards of 2018 – Boosted Ranked #1 & #2

The Verge ranked Boosted Plus #1 and Boosted Mini S #2 on its list of “Best Electric Skateboards of 2018”. Boosted Plus is the favorite based on range, ride feel, and smooth braking. The Verge also notes that a big part of the experience is the remote which is, “the best one by far.”

Boosted Mini comes in at a close second based on its size and portability. Again, Sean writes, “If you want the quality of the Boosted longboard experience for a little less money in a package that’s easier to lug around, the Mini is better than any other electric skateboard you’ll find.”

Watch the video and read the full review here.

“If you want to make sure your money goes the furthest with great range, impressive reliability and awesome performance, there’s nothing that beats what Boosted has to offer.”