#TBT Photo Contest Winners

We’re stoked to announce the winners of our #TBT Photo Contest in which we asked you to share a story about how Boosted has changed your life from slow and boring to fun and fast. We were overwhelmed by the response! We loved learning more about everyone and the powerful impact that Boosted has had on our community of riders.

We’ve selected one Grand Prize Winner, one Second Place Winner, and not one but five Third Place Winners. Check out the winning stories (edited slightly for clarity) and photos below:

Grand Prize Winner of a New Boosted Board

“Carving” by Max  

“Here’s a group ride I did in Los Angeles. This photo was taken by Edgar Barradas. Prior to going to college at the Oberlin Conservatory, I had to sell my car in order to sustain myself during the school year. The next summer, I got a teaching gig at the School of Rock in Venice, California. My first paycheck went entirely to a brand new V2 dual+ with the XR battery. I haven’t driven a car since that day. I’ve skateboarded my entire life, and now this Boosted board has not only become a way of contributing to helping our planet, but having the most fun humanly possible.

A lot of my friends moved away this past year to for various jobs and opportunities. I did two years in community college in order to save, and also have a better chance at attending the best programs in the country. With this choice came a vacuum of those who I usually spend time with. The Boosted Community has given me a circle of friends that are as enthusiastic about my second passion as I am.

In the featured photo I’m facing fear, while having a blast. The people in the photo are insanely talented riders, and showed me what is possible on these incredible skateboards. From sliding to butt boarding to carving hills in Los Angeles, I’ll only do it on a Boosted board. I would love to spread the word on my college campus, as I’m the only person here on a Boosted board. People are always blown away, especially in the rural farms of Ohio. Regardless of the contest outcome, I’d love to help spread your message.”

Second Place Winner – Winner of a New Boosted Accessory

“Life Changing” by Lucas

“Hi, my name is Lucas and I love my Boosted Board V2 plus! This board was actually a gift from my amazing girlfriend, Desney, and it has completely transformed my life. She surprised me with this board on my birthday in hopes to cheer me up and it did just that. This board pulled me out of a very dark time. For the first time in a long time I had a real smile on my face! She couldn’t believe it and neither could I, but here is the best part my smile never left! She is incredible, and I still can’t believe she did this for me.

I grew up skateboarding and never thought something like this would even exist but I’m glad it does. So you can imagine the confusion on my face when I opened this. It was like opening a spaceship! Since then I have been cruising and commuting around my very small Missouri town. I ride this to work, to school, any chance I can. Everybody loves it. The neighborhood kids freak out! The cows freak out The local authority who are afraid of the future freak out! My life is no longer slow and boring!”

Third Place Winner – Winner of a Boosted Swag Pack

“Community Policing” by Jared

“I damaged my hip last year and my department asked me to do community policing. The people I work with felt bad for me as I am an aging skateboarder from the 80’s and they got together and purchased me a V2 standard range. Since then it has become a part of me.

I have since recovered and am back to full service but my board has become normal in the workplace. My bosses were afraid to tell me know as I told them it’s for me as a handicap device and a tool for community outreach. I ride daily and can charge it in my patrol car. I ride fully geared up and enjoy quickly and quietly rolling up all stealth like to neighborhood issues as long as I wear my helmet the bosses gave in.

The glasses that the kids are wearing in the picture are ones that you guys sent me to give out on duty and the kids loved skating around with me. It was a sight when I used it on crutches. In fact when it arrived at my home my wife told me to put it away. Her mistake was not staying home to monitor me. I was still stitched up and on both crutches at that time. First it was a fun unboxing event then I was standing on it, from there it led to rolling it in the driveway by itself. Neighbor caught me and told my wife. I had no choice but to try it quick. Low speed at first. 20 minutes later I was rocket mode both crutches bombing my hill with crutches tucked like ski poles. And I was in love. Most people in my neighborhood know me because of this. Thank you for your time.”

Third Place Winner – Winner of a Boosted Swag Pack

“Lead by Example” by Eduardo

“Before I had a Boosted board, every afternoon was an endless tiring commute from school to home, stuck in traffic with the kids fighting and crying in the back (of the car). It was the most daunting task of the day. I was getting overweight and my stress levels were going through the roof. A few years back I decided I needed to make a change if I wanted to get through the school year sane. Not being fittest of the bunch I looked into electronic sports equipment when I discovered Boosted boards.

It’s changed my wellbeing for the better, mentally and physically. I have the confidence and the motivation to get out and about thanks to my Boosted board. The kids now love the commute to and from school, as everytime we leave the house it’s a new adventure ahead. My oldest daughter (5) just got her first longboard and will soon be on her way to the big leagues of owning a Boosted board. You can’t make kids do something fun, they follow by example. Thank you Boosted boards for having such a positive and healthy influence in our lives.”

Third Place Winner – Winner of a Boosted Swag Pack

“September 19” by Marcos

“Boosted not only changed my life in a positive way when I’m commuting everyday with a smile on my face, it helped me to help in one particular day to change and support lives when an earthquake shook México City (my birthplace). With all the mess, the city was in the middle of chaos. Lot of traffic, no subway, no buses, too many collapsed buildings. People trapped and rescued needed supplies, medicine, water, and tools for the rescuers and people that were trying to help.

Like many people I joined to help carry, leave, and bring supplies that people needed. To my advantage, with my Boosted, I could move quicker than the others and get through traffic faster. I know for sure that Boosted has made my life more enjoyable, but used to help people an entire day? Well, that’s an indescribable feeling that I got the honor to live. For all the people that I’m sure are thankful to be helped and for me too, thanks Boosted!”

Third Place Winner – Winner of a Boosted Swag Pack

“Boosted Ambassadors Opened My World” by Amber

“Pictured left to right: Ambassador Sarah Giroux, Amber Piasecki (me), and Ambassador Joe Giardina. These two were probably the best thing that’s happened to me, in my life. And it’s all thanks to you, Boosted, for introducing me to them! All it took was a meetup on June 21, 2018, at Chicago’s meet up for National Skateboard Day. Little did I know these guys had meet ups like this all the time.

Here I am, traveling from my small suburb, into the big city of Chicago, to meet people for a board demo. I brought my V2 with me thinking that it was requirement for the meet up. Joe comes in, with a big smile on his face, mentioning that it wasn’t needed. I board casually, knowing very little of the scene, so I didn’t really know there were females who had Boosted boards as well. Here comes Sarah, just as friendly as Joe. Without these two, I would have never found out about the Boosted Board Riders Chicago group.

Now I shred every weekend with these guys and new people! I now get to explore Chicago in an amazing way, and I’ve lived 30 min south of the city for years! Attending great events like a Boosted Formal and a bonfire to start off fall, has boosted my confidence with the board. The events these guys plan fill my weekend with great vibes and friends. I give credit where credit is due, which is why I found it important to include them in my picture. Thanks to them and you, I’m no longer slow and boring!”

Third Place Winner – Winner of a Boosted Swag Pack

“Boosted Does It All” by Blake

“This picture represents a fraction of what my Boosted 2nd Gen Dual + has done for me.

I spend a lot of my personal time filmmaking. This board has become an incredible film tool for some buttery movement shots that are 10x better than a dolly or jib. You guys have given my film business a huge competitive advantage. I also have a storyboard for a Boosted video, and I am stoked to film it soon!

For the past year, it was my daily transportation to work. I worked at my University, and it cut my commute from 20 minutes to 4 minutes! This was a huge game-changer for me. The parking on my campus is an absolute nightmare. With Boosted, I could step out my front door, and 3 min and 45 sec later, walk in the front door of my office.

Lastly, Boosted has made my life exponentially more fun! Since I got my board almost three years ago, 4 of my other friends have purchased boards and we shred every street in our small college town of Canyon, Texas. One of my favorite memories was our group ride through Palo Duro Canyon. We used every drop of our XR batteries, then hitched a ride to the top and charged them on the way down for 5 more miles of riding!

If I were to be privileged enough to win this contest, I would love a new board to film my Boosted video with! I believe that I can represent your company well and promote your boards as entertainment, a tool, and a means of transportation. I am nearing the end of my current board’s life and I would be beyond stoked to get a new one! #TBT”

How has riding a Boosted board made a positive impact on your life? Keep the conversation going by tagging us on social, #boostedboards. Keep on enjoying the ride!

– The Boosted Team