Single Drive Shipping + iOS App + Traction Control + Thermal Overdrive

Boosted fans, we’re thrilled to share some exciting and long-awaited product updates with you!

Single drive starts shipping today

We have finally started our production run of Boosted Single drive boards, which start at $999. This took longer than expected because our initial design, using the same components as the Dual and Dual+ drivetrains, simply didn’t perform to our standards. So we tweaked the design of the motor and transmission and added traction control and thermal overdrive (see below) to make the Single drive absolutely incredible to ride.


Boosted Single drive

Single drive is shipping and has improved performance thanks to motor and transmission tweaks.


We are ramping up production over the next six weeks, with the first boards shipping out today. We have a very long wait list, so place your order right away if you’d like to get the most out of your summer riding. We know you’ve been patiently waiting for them, and we’re sure you’ll be as thrilled with them as we are.

Boosted Single drive

Single drive is currently in stock but in limited quantities.


Boosted mobile app for iOS

Next, we’re announcing the Boosted mobile app for iOS. It’s beautifully designed, and it’s going to become the easiest way for iOS users to:

  • update a board’s firmware
  • track vital stats and share them with others
  • learn how to ride and use a board
  • tune and adjust performance
  • troubleshoot issues or problems

One of the most exciting elements of the Boosted app is the ability to wirelessly update your firmware. We designed this in 2013 and quietly shipped it with every board. So even our earliest Kickstarter backers will be able to improve their performance, fix bugs, and add features. It’s the same technology used by smartphones, laptops, and modern electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S.

Boosted iOS App

Screenshots from mobile app for iOS.  It launches publicly in a few weeks with firmware update capability.


The first version of the app is focused on firmware updates, which allow us to increase app functionality over time. Most riders who purchased boards before November 2014 will see an increase in performance right away, and all riders will receive small bug fixes. You will also be able to see how many miles your board has traveled, change riding modes, and walk through a brief tutorial on how the board works.

The app is currently in beta and is only available for iOS. We expect to release it publicly over the next few weeks, and we also expect to release an Android version in the future. In addition, we plan to add many more features to both the app and the firmware. From connecting with other riders to adjusting your board’s performance to getting help when you need it, your app will work together with your board to give you an even better Boosted riding experience.

Traction control and thermal overdrive for Single drive

We’re also really excited to share two major new features of the Single drive board: traction control and thermal overdrive. These are both incredible new advances in electric longboards, and they offer huge performance advantages for one-wheel-drive (1WD) boards.

Traction Control

Boosted traction control was designed for situations where the drive wheel briefly loses traction or contact with the ground.


With twin motor drivetrains, riders get powerful yet balanced acceleration and braking, even during hard carving and sharp turns. With only one motor, the single drive wheel can easily lose traction or contact with the ground and spin. Regaining traction causes the wheel to change speed suddenly, negatively affecting the board’s handling. Previous designs addressed this by sacrificing performance or using less powerful motors, resulting in slower acceleration and braking. Instead, we compensate for wheel slip by constantly adjusting power using onboard sensors, ensuring a smoother and more balanced ride while retaining high performance.

Thermal Overdrive

Thermal image of Single drive.  Thermal overdrive enables much higher motor performance without sacrificing reliability.


Using one motor instead of two in a high-performance longboard is also tricky because of the additional mechanical and thermal stress. Again, many designs use larger and heavier motors with lower power capability to avoid overheating and reliability issues. Instead, our motor control processor uses advanced thermal models and data from multiple onboard sensors to maximize motor power and minimize the risk of burning out the motor. Combined with all-metal drivetrain construction for better durability and heat dissipation, we achieved the reliability and performance Boosted is known for, but in a lighter, more affordable, and more efficient design.

We are really excited to be shipping both an amazing iOS app and an amazing Boosted Single drive. Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for all your support and love. We hope to go riding with you soon!