Single Reservation Holders

Over the past month, we’ve been busy scaling up production and fulfilling orders. It’s been great seeing so many new riders join our community! If you’re new to riding, be sure to check out our riding tips and visit our Facebook page to connect with riders in your city. We can’t wait to see you out there.

Single Reservation Holders: US & Canada
We are also happy to announce that next week, we’ll send order confirmation emails to Single reservation holders in the US and Canada. As a reminder, we’re offering Single reservation holders the opportunity to apply their $200 Boosted promotional credit toward the purchase of a 2nd generation Dual or Dual+. This option will be available to you upon checkout.

If you’d prefer not to use your $200 credit towards your purchase, you may decline the option before you checkout. If you choose this route, we’ll email you the $200 promotional credit 30 days after you purchase your board. This credit can be used toward future purchases on

New Reservation Timeline: US & Canada
For new reservations placed today, your board will ship in 3-5 weeks.

International Reservation Holders
We are still on track to begin emailing reservation holders in Germany, France, and the UK in May and working on firming up our schedule for the rest of our international customers.  

-The Boosted Team