Shipping & Return Policy Updates

Thanks to everyone who has recycled a 2nd gen battery pack! We’re making great progress on verifying Battery Pack Replacement Forms and getting new packs out the door.

Replacement Battery Pack Status
For 2nd gen owners who have not yet taken action, we strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible, even if you aren’t currently riding the board. We will begin allocating new battery packs to existing orders next week, so the sooner you recycle your battery the faster you will receive a new pack. If you are having trouble locating a recycling center near you, please call us toll-free at 844-395-0070 and we will help you out.

Boards Will Start Shipping Next Week
We are happy to announce that we are currently ahead of schedule and will begin shipping boards to customers who have already paid next week. If you paid on or before early October, we will reach out to you over the next two weeks to verify your shipping address. We will publish a revised schedule in a few weeks, once we reach a regular production cadence.

Update to 30-Day Return Policy
In light of our voluntary recall announcement, we have made a slight update to our return policy.

  • For 2nd gen owners who have already submitted a Battery Pack Replacement Form–thank you!– you will have 30 days from the date you receive your new pack to return your board for a full refund.
  • Current 2nd gen board owners who haven’t taken action to replace their batteries, you have 30 days from today to decide to keep or return your board.
  • If you decide to keep your board, but take no action in the next 30 days, you can still submit a Battery Pack Replacement Form and we’ll send you a new battery. However, your 30-day return window will not reset and you’ll no longer be able to return your board once you receive the new battery pack.
  • If you decide to keep your board, and fill out the Battery Pack Replacement Form within the next 30 days, your 30-day return window will restart once you receive your new replacement battery pack.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at