Boosted Retailer Spotlight: Boarder Labs

Need a board last minute this holiday season? Stop by your local authorized Boosted retailer. Use our dealer locator to find one near you. If you’re in Vancouver, Canada, keep reading to more to learn about  your local shop.

We’re stoked to share our recent interview with Graham, co-owner of Boarder Labs (formerly Longboarder Labs) in Vancouver, Canada. As one of our very first Canadian retailers, they been partnering with Boosted since 2015!

When was Boarder Labs founded?

Boarder Labs opened in 2013. Cal Streets Skateshop [now located inside Boarder Labs] was founded in 1978. Together, that’s a lot of skate history!

What’s your mission?

Our mission at is to get more people on four wheels and to provide the skateboard community with the best gear possible. We want to bridge the gap between skaters and longboarders and empower people to widen their perspective on skateboarding.

Our Esk8 Garage mission is to unite our community through group rides, to promote safety, share routes, discuss maintenance and trick tips, and to share the experience of carving, cruising, and commuting on the world’s best electric skateboards.

What is something your store does that makes you and your customers proud?

We offer a positive experience, not just skateboards. Boarder Labs & Cal Streets skateshop is the only store to offer every genre of skating – eskate, longboard, skateboard, surf skate, fingerboards, and all the accessories and gear any skater might need. Our staff is knowledgeable and stoked to offer help – especially to beginners. Also, we offer demo rides on all of our electric boards. A safe session with instruction is highly rated by our customers.

Why do customers choose your store as opposed to another, and what makes your shop unique?

Our customers tend to be impressed with the “skateboard superstore” concept (both in-store and online), where they are able to see and compare a huge variety of products. We are Canada’s largest e-skate dealer and work with each customer to make sure they chose the right board for their needs. Boarder Labs is also the first shop in Canada to offer financing on electric skateboards.

Which Boosted board model is the shop favorite and why?

Depends who you ask. Brandon loves Boosted Stealth for its speed and forgiving ride. Milo thinks his Boosted Mini X is the ultimate commuter e-skate with a kick tail!


Boarder Labs is located at 1754 W. 4th Street in Vancouver, BC. Stop by for a free demo of Boosted Mini X or Boosted Stealth and choose your favorite!