Pre-Ride Inspection

Pre-ride inspection

Before each ride you should inspect your board.  Start at the rear of the board and work your way forward:

  • Check that trucks pivot without obstruction.

  • Check the condition of the drive wheel to make sure it rotates freely; do you hear any abnormal noise from the wheel or motor bearings.

  • Check the condition of the belts for cracks, slipping on the gears, tears.

  • Look in the belt cover for debris.

  • Check that the braiding on the wire harness is intact.

  • Check that power wires are not showing through the griptape.

  • Check the condition of the battery case for cracks or hard hits.

  • Turn on the battery by holding the power button until the light turns on.

  • Turn on the remote.

  • Check that the remote trigger clicks and releases.

  • Check that the wheel on the remote turns freely to the extremes.

  • Make sure the remote is paired to the board.

  • If not, pair the remote by quickly pressing the remote power button five times.

  • Make sure the board moves in the correct direction by putting one foot on the board and moving the throttle gently in both directions.