Norway & Switzerland – You’re Up!

Starting tomorrow, Dual+ and Dual reservation holders in Norway and Switzerland will receive an order confirmation email asking for final payment and shipping details. Boards ship 1-3 weeks after you complete your final payment. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Boosted community!

Single Reservation Holders
For all remaining Single reservation holders, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate your preference to upgrade to a Dual or a Dual+ this week. As a reminder, you’re eligible to use your $200 credit towards your final purchase.

Australia & New Zealand
Great news! We’re slightly ahead of schedule and will begin reaching out to reservation holders in early August. Thank you for your patience – we’re just as excited as you are to get you riding!

New Reservations
For all of our customers in Europe, if you place a reservation today, you will receive an order confirmation email within a week and your board will ship 1-3 weeks after that. We’ll continue to reach out on a weekly basis in order to get through new reservations as quickly as possible.

-The Boosted Team